Best White Elephant Gift for 2016
Star Wars 7 Trailer new Stormtroopers

Unbelievable but its real.

12 weeks 1 day
When the Market Falls Buy FB

The company has a license to print cash. We all know it.

12 weeks 1 day
Dividend Stock with a 6% Annual Yield (POT)

Good Ol' Potash Corp.

29 weeks 5 days
GOGO shares decline overdone?

Gogo Inc was down 40% this morning, is it that bad?

31 weeks 5 days
Deadpool beats the Matrix and 50 Shades with New 'R' Rated $150M Opening Run
Deadpool Cast - Thumbs Up

In your face lame superhero movies.

31 weeks 6 days
Alcoa Shares: No Respect
No Respect - Rodney

Despite all its efforts to reinvent itself the stock is still down.

32 weeks 11 hours
Did Kim Kardashian Cheer for her Dad on TV during OJ Simpson Debacle?
Kim Kardashian

Don't believe everything you see on TV?

32 weeks 3 days
Disney hit a new 52-week Low Yesterday

Are you kidding me?

32 weeks 3 days
Another Down day for the Market

Stocks continue their decline.

32 weeks 5 days
Bottom Fishing: New 52-week low Stocks (DISH, ZNGA, GS)
Goldman Sachs Skeletor Style

Hard to believe but one of them is Goldman.

32 weeks 5 days
New highs for Star Wars, New Lows of it's Parent Company shares
Sand Person Tusken Raider

DIS is now under $100 a share.

37 weeks 3 days
More Stocks Tank to 52-week Lows
Bear Market.jpg

Stocks are in Tanksville.

37 weeks 3 days
Star Wars hits new Ticket Sales, Stock not so Much
Star Wars 7 Trailer new Stormtroopers

Massive ticket sales equals a drop in Disney shares?

39 weeks 5 days
Disney Shares Hold Steady After-Hours

DIS is flat for now.

46 weeks 3 days
How much longer can Streaming Pirate Sites Survive?
Netflix Interface - big pic

Movie4k and others can't last forever, can they?

50 weeks 1 day