Dow 15,000: Will Stocks Keep Going Up?

Magic 8 Ball

We quote the experts and the Magic 8-Ball.

The Talking Heads are all over this one.  The consensus is that the Dow Jones along with U.S. stocks will continue to head higher.  Thus the Dow Jones at 15,000 is not the end for 2013.  We expect more and it's likely we will get it.


Via Bloomberg

Tony Dwyer of Canaccord Genuity (CF) has the most bullish estimate of all major Wall Street equity strategists, with a 1760 yearend target on the S&P 500.

Birinyi Associates, an independent shop, was among the first to advise getting into U.S. equities before they reached their low a little more than four years ago. With its prediction that the S&P 500 would hit 1600 already successful, the firm now thinks the index could ascend to 1900.

MarketWatch (Chuck Jaffe)

Bill Berger in a 1995 speech at a Society of American Business Editors and Writers conference in Boston, and it was almost as laughable then — with the Dow at 4,500 — as it seems now, when it stands more than 100,000 points into the Dow’s future.


There’s a decent chance the Dow hits 116,200 before 2050.



Now the moment of truth.  You will have to ask the question yourself then find your answer.  What that you say Magic 8-Ball, how high will stocks go?

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