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Liam Neeson - The Grey (1)

Tape some booze bottles to your hands, break them and get down with our Covered Call Picks for March 1st. 

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If at first you don't like your low share price, just reverse stock split.  That solves everything.

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2012 Movie - Big Pic

Since we all only have a year left to live, what stocks should you buy?

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covered calls beavis

Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Monday 09-10-2012.

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Goldman Sachs Skeletor Style

Last week we speculated AMD could bounce, thanks to Goldman Sachs it did.

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Sling Blade Covered Calls

Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Tuesday 05-29-2012.

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Trends and Returns

So begins another financial blog.

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With the Market tanking Monday morning, we profile a stock that could be worthy of a short.

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3day Chart

Watch for Major Top S&P 500

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Apple iPads Large Image

If DigiTimes is right about a possible $300 iPad 2 coming in 2012 then Hell to the Yes.

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Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Monday Dec 5th.

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Silver - Large Pic w Bars

Mastery reviews the stocks that did work this week.

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Cyber Monday

Its that time again, cue these 5 stocks and prepare for online shopping madness.

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McLovin gives his License a Try

The premise is simple. If we are going to rally, these 4 stocks should go up.

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