Ritual Seppuku

Don't commit Seppuku - the Masters have your back on GMCR.

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Officer Barbrady

Once again volatility takes a back seat.

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Wonder what your Congressmen are trading? They certainly aren't working together or helping the U.S. economy. They are however buying stocks and... ...more 2,504

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I expect to get a lot of hate mail from this article. Why? Because of Herd Mentality. More on that later.

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Hoth Battle - ESB

Thanks for reading this year in 2011 to our 12 beloved followers. Remember Hoth.

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Ten Dollar Bill - $10 - Large Pic

Mastery chases down 3 stocks under 10 dollars that are worthy of your attention.

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Apple Inc is God

The latest is Forbes.com saying Apple is going to $1,650 by 2012.  In the name of the Apple, son, and...

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While the European downgrades took the wind out of last week's rally, the S&P 500 is technically setting to push higher.  The index... ...more 2,866

Mastery Coffee Cup
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Tropical Island

Expedia and Priceline have been leading the pack this year, with 45% and 61% gains respectively. Here are 3 more Travel stocks worth a look.

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Show me the Money - Jerry M (Big Pic)

If the market continues to tank, these 3 stocks could make you some cash on the short side.

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ROM SpaceKnight

We go back to a trusted security, the ProShares Ultra Technology ETF (ROM).

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Japan Rising Sun

Japanese stocks are all the rage in 2013.  Go with these ETFs and buy multiple companies from Japan with less risk.

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Natural Gas - Large Image

Mastery called the bottom in Natural Gas. Its time to buy the stocks that will benefit.

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Steven Seagal Fat

After your 3rd helping to pancakes take a minute to review these investing ideas.

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Ten Dollar Bill - $10 - Large Pic

Mastery reviews 3 stocks that have come under the $10 level. We are going for quality names with bargain price-to-earnings ratios.

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Goodfellas - Pesci and Ray (Large)

Stock picks worth considering and illegal streaming madness.

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