Best Summer Movies 2014 to see in Theatres


Don't waste $100 at the theatre unless it's good.


IPO of 2014 that is a Buy (SYF)

General Electric (GE) - Large Pic

A Spinoff from GE is an instant Buy.


Foo Fighters officially finish new album

Foo Fighters

And they have a new HBO series coming out to boot.


Poor Cameron, they Sold your House

Cameron Ferris Bueller

Last week the Glass house from Ferris Bueller was sold.


Gogo shares rally on a website Rumor


The power of the internet raises Gogo shares.


Ali Your Baba!! Enough Already

Alibaba BABA

Forget buying, it's shit.


DC Comic Movies in the Pipeline

Justice League Movie Fan Art by Jo7a

An update on what is coming from DC.


Most Searched Celebs on the Internet

Jessica Alba

The most searched celebs on the internet are of course the most attractive.


'Lady Brienne' from GoT pretty pictures

Lady Brienne

Lady Brienne is much better looking then you think she is.


Alternatives to Netflix

Netflix Interface - big pic

What else can you use besides Netflix to watch movies and TV shows online? 


World Cup grinds Work to a Hault

Soccer Girl Painted Wow

Forget work, World Cup is on.


UPDATE: Best Summer Movies for 2014

Nebula Dope Blue Person

Forget our last installment, we've added 2 more must see films.

Han Solo had a Girlfriend? (Jenny)

Han Solo had a Girlfriend? (Jenny)

Ali Your Baba!! Enough Already

Ali Your Baba!! Enough Already

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia coming soon to Streaming (Season 9)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia coming soon to Streaming (Season 9)

I got mail, yaaaaaay

I got mail, yaaaaaay

U.S. Stocks at Record Highs: Time to Sell?

U.S. Stocks at Record Highs: Time to Sell?

5 Easy Steps to get a better night's sleep

5 Easy Steps to get a better night's sleep

Rambo Nooooo!

Free movies online is over. A big Rambo No.  Back to Netflix, HBO GO, and Xfinity.

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As the Softbank acquisition of Sprint (S) begins to look more likely, T-Mobile USA could be next in line. 

...more 3,352
Silver Surfer

Just when you thought it was dead, Mastery nailed the bottom.

...more 4,172
Facebook - UNLIKE

Every stock is up but Facebook, what gives?

...more 2,644
Wall Street Bull

Four day trading week, let's make the best of it.

...more 2,254

We go in search of stocks that will still run with the bulls.

...more 3,780
Goldfinger - Gold Overdose James Bond

Back to Gold and Silver we go.

...more 3,535
These are the Stocks you are looking for

These stocks look ready to break-out even higher.


...more 3,144
Sony Walkman

Sony could get back to the 80's.

...more 3,003
Make Fat Stacks with Covered Calls

Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Monday 05-20-2013.

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Caddyshack Baby Ruth

Poop cruises with mustard sandwiches didn't have a good quarter, really?

...more 2,159
Die Hard Glass

Silver investors are as beat up as John McClane. Can they pull the glass out of their feet yet?

...more 2,792
Jackie Chan - Are you Serious

Have TSLA investors lost their minds?

...more 1,863
Apple Inc MONEY

Enough about Apple, here are 4 stocks that will beat the ROI of richest company on earth.

...more 2,723
Bullish General Large Pic

It would appear to be so, thus it could be time to slowly creep back in.

...more 3,231
Rushmore Movie

Here's why TMUS is extremely undervalued and could be acquired any day.

...more 2,944
Shaq Fu - Super Gay

These stocks have all started to Shaq-Fu higher.

...more 2,279
Vanilla Ice

When shares of SolarCity rise 25% in a day, you know things have gotten out of control.

...more 2,051