SPY and DIA slice through 50 day Moving Averages to the downside

Look out below.

1 year 16 weeks
Dow Jones almost Flat thanks to Argentina
Argentina Girl Flag

Thanks to Argentina's demise its a welcome decline.

1 year 16 weeks
Foo Fighters officially finish new album
Foo Fighters

And they have a new HBO series coming out to boot.

1 year 17 weeks
New Mad Max Trailer Looks Dope
Max Mad New Movie

Finally a movie re-launch from the 80's does it right.

1 year 17 weeks
Stocks to buy for August 2014
Google Search (Big Pic)

We go to Barron's for the latest long stock picks.

1 year 17 weeks
New Nicki Minaj Booty Picture for new Single
Nicki Booty
1 year 17 weeks
Finally a Picture of Ben Affleck as Batman

The new Batman is alive!

1 year 17 weeks
Could Apple's Stock be Done?
Apple Inc is God
1 year 17 weeks
Whale and Plane almost Collide (Video)
Jaws 3D

You have to see it to believe it.

1 year 17 weeks
Stock Market at All Time Highs
Bull Market on Wall Street

Just like that stocks are at all-time highs.

1 year 17 weeks
Last surviving Ramones has Passed

Tommy Ramone is dead at age 65, that's it for the group. 

1 year 19 weeks
Yahoo! Female Executive Sexual Harrasment

Yahoo! this girl action.

1 year 19 weeks
Best Summer Movies 2014 to see in Theatres

Don't waste $100 at the theatre unless it's good.

1 year 19 weeks
Nathan for You: The best comedy on TV right now.
Nathan Fielder

Awkward humor at its finest.

1 year 20 weeks
This is how much tax you are paying per gallon of gas

US Average: Nearly .50 a gallon in tax alone.

1 year 20 weeks