Apple Stuck in Limbo

Apple Inc MONEY

There has to be growth to take Apple shares to $1,000.

Sick of reading about Apple Inc. (AAPL) and its recent woes?  We all are.  Now expect the Hater-Aid to be poured on richest company in the world.

The target price reductions are coming in hourly from the major firms covering Apple (AAPL).  If you are concerned about them, stop reading them.  It's that simple.  Do not fear America stock trader, Apple isn't dead yet. 

Thanks to the pullback Apple Inc 's (AAPL) is trading under $500, today at $488.  The company trades with an incredible P/E of 11.4, that's a bargain.  Apple shares are now only 14% away from its 12 month low. 

Expect Apple to trade on the winds of the headlines until they deliver their Q1 earnings call next Wednesday (Jan 23rd).  Forget what the media is saying or reporting, they are just interested in ratings.

Bottom line: Be patient, next week Apple Inc. and Wall Street will price the company's shares appropriately.