Stocks Suck even Apple

300 Movie - Sparta Dude

Scream if you own stocks. Cry if you own Apple.

Apple Inc (AAPL) has now lost as much in market cap as the value of Google Inc (GOOG) since Apple's 12 month $700 share price.  New 52-week low for Apple today and that's the shits for everything.

Today is a great day to hit the bottle and not look at your 401K.  As I type this Apple shares are down an incredible 6% which erased $22.5 billion in market cap.  Apple Inc has around $137 billion in cash alone.  Apple's market cap is at $377 billion.  Simple math and the ratio of market cap to cash is at 36%.  That's crazy pills!

Expect a million articles today debating the undervalued stock price of Apple and the opposite point of Apple become a crappy Microsoft (MSFT) stock.  Whatever may be the case, Apple looks very cheap and attractive at its $401 stock price.

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The Terrible AAPL Chart