Apple Inc Worth Buying?

Apple Inc is God

The richest company on earth is down 7% in the past 5 days.  Do you buy now? 

We know what you are thinking, another article about Apple Inc. (AAPL)?  Everyone is trying to figure out if you buy Apple now, wait for next week's earnings call, or just stay away?

Yesterday Apple's market cap Lost $22B.  We pondered what you could buy with that.  Making the cut were the waterworldMost Expensive Movies ever made No1. through No. 39 totaling $3.7 billion

 That list consisted of:

1) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End in 2007 for $300 million


4) John Carter in 2012 for $250 million (quite possibly the worst movie ever made)


6) Avatar in 2009 in $237 million


39) Waterworld in 1995 for $172 million (the largest at the time and better than John Carter) 

God only knows how low Apple shares can go?  If you go by the chart alone most experienced traders wouldn't touch AAPL with a ten foot pole.  It's a sad downtrend with no brakes.  You don't have to be the Mariner to know this chart sucks.


We have all read the arguments about how cheap Apple's stock is right now, but how about the other view?

The best article today about pondering buying Apple Inc. was done by Rocco Pendola a hired gun at  Read up on his article before you decide to throw money at Apple Inc.  He has a sensible argument.

There's No Good Reason to Own Apple Stock

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I always thought investing was about making money, not proving a point.

When we discuss the notion of emotion in investing, it's about more than cheerleading for a stock or averaging down on a dip in a misguided attempt to save a position. It's as much about losing sight of the reason why you invest in the first place.

When you take that perspective, it renders Apple (AAPL) a stock not worth owning, at least not to a level approaching anything that resembles a core position. Why step in front of the train of negative sentiment and uncertainty? There's no good reason.

In January, I made an appearance on CNBC's "Fast Money" program where, afterward, viewers claimed the experienced panel schooled me. I have no problem admitting that nervousness and anxiety, at times, get the best of me. But, it's imperative to point out my primary takeaway that day: Do Not Buy Apple Ahead of Earnings.

At the time, one of the Fast Money panelists told us that "in the short run Apple could go to $550." Another countered my contention that cost basis matters in buy/sell decisions. In retrospect, it's a shame my jitters -- and their aggression -- prevented me from getting my take across clearly.   Continue..

Bottom line: It's a roll of the dice if you are going to pick up Apple shares at this point.  Best of luck to all holding AAPL before the call next week.