Three 52-Week Low Stocks to Buy

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These stocks are down on their luck but not for long.

The bearish trend on silver and gold won't last forever, neither will the iEverything Hater-Aid.  Embrace the long position in Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSRI), IAMGOLD Corp (IAG), and Apple Inc. (AAPL).  All three of these stocks hit new 52-week lows today and Mastery doesn't not believe the trend will last much better.

gold finger overdoseBoth IAMGOLD Corp (IAG) and Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSRI) were crushed today, both stocks fell more than 6% and hit new 12 month lows.  IAG closed at $6.15 and SSRI at $9.37.  These stocks have been thrown into the trash in 2013 and the shorts have drove them into the ground. 

The short sellers can continue pushing these stocks to new lows but within weeks they will have hit bottom.  Those same traders that enjoyed the bearish ride will turn course and start going long. 

Thus far in 2013 SSRI shares have tanked 37% and IAG is down 46%. We believe that silver and gold miners are ready for a comeback.  Check out 4 Silver Stocks that Deserve Attention for more stocks to consider. 

(next up is Apple Inc)





You bet it is and we want in.  Apple Inc (AAPL) touched $419 today then closed at $420.05.  The iWatch will be the Answer for Apple to return to greatness. Now that Warren Buffett himself has spoken favorably about the richest corporation on the planet (on CNBC March 4th), it's time to go long:

Buffett advised Apple Inc. to repurchase its owns shares at low prices and start building value instead of worrying about pushing Apple share prices on a daily basis. The Berkshire CEO also told ”Squawk Box” that he once had a conversation with Steve Jobs about what Apple should do with its $137 billion-plus-growing cash pile. Buffett said he told him to buy back shares at reduced prices.

He is giving the same advice to Tim Cook: buy dollar bills at 80 cents if you get the opportunity. Warren Buffett also said if Cook can continue to run the company well, its shares will respond accordingly. When asked about the pressure from the hedge fund manager David Einhorn to raise dividends and offer preferred shares, Buffett said the best thing Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) can do is simply ignore him. (source: