Place your Bets on A123 Systems

Robocopy - I'd buy that for a Dollar

This stock is under $1 and its trying to get back above that level.

A123 Systems, Inc. (AONE) rallied 22% today, sounds impressive huh?  Not so much when the stock ended the day at 63 cents.

Last time we checked in on AONE it was above $1 and we recommended waiting until it hit a 52-week low before buying.  We are fans of A123 Systems, who wouldn't be? A123 systems was going to change the world as we hoped electric cars using their batteries would rid the earth of its need for fossil fuels.  In 2009 AONE was a $22 stock, fast forward to 2012 and the company is fighting for its survival.

Today's gain for AONE comes as a mixed bag.  Chinese autoparts company Wanxiang Group plans to financing of up to $450 million in A123 Systems.  However the U.S. taxpayer has already forked over $249 million in federal grants to A123 Systems for U.S. factory construction.  Needless to say, Congressman Cliff Stearns (R-FL) isn't cool with the Chinese coming in with a Hail Mary pass to scoop up 80% of A123 Systems.

MASTERY Bottom Line (SUB ZERO Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

Its a roll of the dice if A123 Systems gets the Chinese lifeline.  If it doesn't go through AONE shareholders could lose everything.

Place your bets as AONE is subject to volatile trading until the dust settles on the company's fate.