2 Volatile Stocks Under $1

Lucky No. 7 Dice

Its a roll of the dice on these two stocks and the risk is big.

Hard to believe but Jones Soda (JSDA) has fallen down to 33 cents and A123 Systems (AONE) has tanked to 22 cents.  Both of these companies are in danger of going bankrupt but if they survive the payoff could be big.

Step right up if you dare but be warned that you could lose everything if you buy shares of JSDA or AONE today.  Both of these companies are down on their luck.  There a no new headlines and thus no buzz if things are getting worse or better.  In a post Lehman Brothers world the market will break you if you don't provide any news.  Being quiet does nothing for existing shareholders of Jones Soda or A123 Systems.

Nothing new to report since we last mentioned AONE last month in Place your Bets on A123 Systems. Same goes for Jones which we talked up in March (3 Stocks under $1 to Review).

MASTERY Bottom Line (Flying Kick Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

Once promising companies both Jones and A123 are a big gamble.  If you have money to burn, have fun trading them.

2 Stocks under $1 for a Roll of the Dice (JSDA, AONE)