Quantitative Investing - Leave it to the BEAV

Stockmaster readers – we have some exciting news to share with you. Our March Quantitative investing newsletter pick is on Fire. Be Aerospace Inc (BEAV) has performed exactly as expected.

Actual words from the newsletter:

We can’t give too much away about our Quantitative Method, but we assure you that we consider just about everything possible to come up with our final recommendation. We are setting a price target of $39.50 for a 24% gain. There may be a few points left to the downside but we don’t believe that it will fall below the $30 level.

No joke – we’re just that good at picking stocks people. Or rather, our Quantitative investing model is. BEAV touched $39.40 on Monday, April 7th. That’s a nice 25% gain in less than a month. They don’t call us Stockmasters for nothing!

You can sign up for the Quant Method Newsletter today for only $49.99. Click here for more info.

BEAV 3 month chart:

beav chart