5 Stocks that got the Ear Bite (NFLX,FB,LVS,ZNGA,TTWO)

Tyson Ear Bite

Not every stock this week enjoyed running with the bulls, we review the ear bites.

Shares of Facebook (FB), Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Netflix Inc. (NFLX), Zynga Inc (ZNGA), and Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) all got a piece of their ear removed hitting new 12 month low prices.  Mastery believes a few of these 5 stocks can return to greatness but not all of them.Kidding aside Iron Mike Tyson has redeemed himself since that terrible ear biting incident and we have all out love for him.  The same can be said about the 5 ear bite victim stocks, they will most likely comeback later in the year.

Facebook Inc (FB) are at $24 today. Its a big discount from its $45 high but its still expensive with a P/E Ratio of 143.  However FB enjoys the popularity of being a heavily traded stocks.  Once the shorts have had their fun expect this stock to tick higher.

Las Vegas Sands (LVS) has bounced 3% since hitting rock bottom this week.  LVS can be picked up for $36 a share as its 72% away from its 12 month high. LVS had a ton of analysts who like the stock, expect this to move higher on any good news.

Netflix (NFLX) is still the future of streaming media and its back under $60 a share.  NetflixInc (NFLX) has a much more reasonable P/E Ratio of 31 and its light years away from its $300 stock price.  NetFlix made our 3 Stocks going Shining Style on Shareholders list this week. 

Take-Two (TTWO) can't seem to get above $9.  The company has questionable management and the next GTA has yet to have a release date.  Don't count this company out as its digital sales and upcoming line-up (including BioShock Infinite)  could get the stock back in the black later this year.

Zynga Inc(ZNGA) is trading at $3.13 and its risky investment by our standard.  This stock is victim to day traders and expect volatile swings.  You can get burned on this stock if not careful, trade accordingly.

MASTERY Bottom Line (Bolo Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

Mastery loves that these stocks have hit 12 month lows. You can bet the bottom feeders are also reviewing these stocks.

In order of least risk and great comeback potential Mastery recommends: LVS, NFLX, FB, TTWO, ZNGA