What is this Facebook thing?

Jackie Chan - Are you Serious

Did Facebook go public today, really?  Wow, can I read another article about fb. 

Just like that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is public.  Its trading at $41 and up 9% on this fine Friday.  Go buy it now because their business model makes perfect sense.

The IPO is done and done. The initial investors got in at $38, you get to buy it today for $41.  More than 200 million shares traded in the first hour.  The market value of Facebook Inc now stands at $104 billion, that's more valuable than Cisco Systems (CSCO) which started before CEO Mark Z. was born.

Mastery will not be buying today.  Stocks have taken a major beating in the past two weeks, its why we are checking out 3 Stocks under $5 to Watch.  As SC stated yesterday -- Stocks just went on Sale (UPRO, SSO).

FB CHARTS - Coming soon.