Ford Shares Close to 2009 Levels

Ford Motor (F) - Large Image

Ford shares can't hit the breaks, could be time for a look.

Ford Motor (F) shares came within 5 cents of its 12 month low and finished the day at $9.26.  Ford is now just 2% away from its 12 month low and trading at its Dec 2009 price. 


Ford shares are still on the decline despite announcing its quartlery 5 cent dividend last week for a 2% annual yield.  Ford's forecast is not pretty but the company is now trading at an alarmingly cheap P/E of 2 and an EPS of 4.7. 

Last week Ford said they expect to lose around $570 million internationally during Q2.  European operations could be down as much as 80% but Ford still expects to post a profit. Stay turned for Ford's Q2 earnings call next Wednesday (July 25th).  Until then expect choppy trading at best on Ford Motor sharesMASTERY Bottom Line (Ninja Style).

MASTERY Bottom line:

Ford could get cheaper but it has a solid management team, stock price under $10 and sports a dividend.

The time is soon to bet on a comeback of this American icon.