RIM Bounces Back

RIM - Large Hindenberg Pic

Right before our eyes RIM shares have bounced back 50%

Hard to believe but Research in Motion (RIMM) shares have rallied back from a $6 stock to almost a $10 stock.  So the Blackberry isn't dead yet?

The Blackberry 10 is coming and it may be enough to keep its market share and maybe, just maybe gain some back from Apple's (AAPL) iPhone and Google's (GOOG) Android based phones.  Hard to believe but RIM has made a phone that is actually 'cool'.  The Blackberry 10 or BB10 for short will start selling 30 days following its Jan 30th launch event.  The public sector wants iPhones but has to live with Blackberrys (for now).  The BB10 is impressive and may keep its existing customers happy.  Its a shot in the dark and maybe the BB10 is the nail in the coffin for the company. 

RIM shares have been on the comeback trail ever since Sept 27 when the company reported a FQ2 EPS beat by 19 cents.Here's a quick look at the BB10.