Stocks Under One Dollar (MVIS, JSDA, PTEK)

Robocopy - I'd buy that for a Dollar

Jones Soda, Microvision and PokerTek are all trading under $1.  They haven't been delisted yet but time is limited.

Here are the facts, PokerTek, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTEK), Jones Soda Co. (NASDAQ:JSDA), and Microvision, Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS) are still trading on the NASDAQ.  However don't let that fool you, these stocks are either an incredible bargin for trading under $1 or very close to going out of business.

Today PokerTek (PTEK) shares are trading at 63 cents, Jones Soda (JSDA) is at 48 cents and Microvision (MVIS) is the 'cheapest' at 38 cents

All three of these stocks have been talked up on our site at one time or another but now they are all facing a brutal challenge -- Survival.

All three companies are running low on cash and the future is uncertain for them all.  Mastery can't believe they have fallen to this point.  Taking a chance on them today comes at a big risk for would-be shareholders. 

We would recommend our readers to some homework at this point on MVIS, PTEK and JSDA.  That being said any one of these companies could be a comeback story in 2012. 

Microvision's CEO picked 25,000 of his company shares on Friday (Dec 9th), a sign of encouragement none the less.

Jones Soda could finally see some revenue growth next year thanks to its recent deals to sell their products at Safeway, Winn-Dixie and Publix, Kum & Go convenience stores and all U.S. military commissaries, in addition to Food Land in Canada, which further expands Jones' product distribution within the Sobeys chain of stores.

Fellow Masters, we are giving these three the 'I'd buy that for a Dollar' call.  They are under a buck and worth a few hundred dollars as a speculation play.