4 Mindless Stocks to Buy for a Summer Rally

McLovin gives his License a Try

The premise is simple. If we are going to rally, these 4 stocks should go up.

Cue the mindless momentum stocks that always go up when the bulls are in control. They are Apple Inc. (AAPL), Skullcandy Inc. (SKUL), Crocs Inc. (CROX), and Priceline.com Inc. (PCLN). 

It appears we may be setting the stage for a summer rally.  A welcome opportunity after May erased all the gains for 2012.  If you have no expertise or desire in stocks but want to make a return, go with these McLovin Fake-ID style stocks.

Apple is a kick-ass company, no doubt about it.  Here are three reasons to buy Apple:
1) iPad
2) iPhone
3) iPod.

Recall some brilliant analysts (not us) expect Apple to trade over $1,000 within the next two years.  That would clock a 90% gain on AAPL from today's $585 share price.  Apple Inc (AAPL) trades with a P/E Ratio of 14.3, EPS of 41.02, and are 10% below its 52-week high.  Microsoft's Tablet Computer: the Surface (Video) won't make a dent in Apple iPad sales. Its best to let the richest company on the planet do its thing and don't get in its way.  Long Apple is an easy choice.

Crocs (CROX) trades at $16.16 and is 12% from its 52-week low.  Crocs have been called a fad, a momentum stock, but here they are still trading today and with respectable numbers.  Crocs (CROX) shares are now trading with a P/E Ratio of 12.2 and EPS of 1.32.  Summer always means sales for Crocs dumb footwear, for all ages.

Back in March, Crocs fearless leader CEO John mcCarvel said he expects Crocs to double sales in less than 5 years.  A very bold prediction. A month later the company reported Q1 revenue of $272 million. Crocs is here to stay and its a great bounce candidate while it trades close to its 12 month low.

Priceline.com Inc (PCLN) shares trade at an amazing share price of $670.82.  PCLN shares are now trading with a P/E Ratio of 30.7, EPS of 22.14 and are 15% under its 52-week high. No matter what happens, Priceline always seems to recover and always ends up increasing in value.  It defies the laws of everything.  Priceline.com is the juggernaut of the travel industry and it cannot be killed. Bow down to your Priceline overlords!

Skullcandy Inc (SKUL) is down 34% since its IPO last year.  Skullcandy is similar to a 2007 version of Crocs.  That was when Crocs was over $60 a share and everyone was high on cocaine saying it was going to be the next Nike (NKE). However, the fundamentals are there, with a forward P/E of just 9.26. Not bad for a stock that has a whopping 70% short interest. IF the company can successfully expand into Asia and get every teenager there to buy a set of headphones (and this is a big IF), growth could continue for quite some time. But what's with the company name??

"Hey, I've got the perfect name for our company!"
"Really, what is it?"
"I mean Skullcandy"
"Will people take us seriously with that name?"
"Think we can really trade as a public company with the words 'skull' and 'candy' as our name?"
"Yes, and we will make millions of dollars"
"But isn't that the name of that tattoo place on Roosevelt?"
"It is, but they will never notice"

Bottom line: Should stocks rally AAPL, CROX, SKUL, and PCLN are going higher.