Tesla shares Jump 27%


Wow, we told you to buy before the spike.

Today is all about Tesla Motors (TSLA).  The beat the street and the shorts are being pounded.  Tesla shares are up 27% today, now trading above $70 for a new 12 month high.

We told you last week to Buy in May and Walk Away (TSLA, BCC, SPLV), Tesla made the cut.  Tesla finally posted a profit, the gamble paid off and it's a big slap in the face to Ford (F), General Motors (GM) and everyone else who has been in the auto business forever.

teslaTesla posted Q1 earnings per share of 12 cents, that beat the street estimates of 8 cents.  Revenue was more impressive, jumping 16% year over year to $563 million.  That was a beat by $63 million.  Expect all the analysts to jump on board and post new price targets because they have been proved wrong.  Annoying.  Congrats to all who believed in the company and won on the earnings call.

Looking ahead in Q2, Tesla will deliver around 4,500 vehicles in North America.  The company believes it will exceed its full year 20,000 vehicle delivery estimate.   Shares of Tesla continue to rise, they should close over $70 and touched $71.90 thus far today.