Nine Dollar Stocks for Sale (TTWO, F, ERIC, MGM)

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Mastery lists 4 stocks under $10 that are ripe for the picking.

Shares of Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Ford Motor (F), MGM Resorts (MGM), and Ericsson (ERIC) all have one thing in common -- they are trading in the $9 range. 

Ericsson (ERIC) shares have a P/E Ratio of 13.6, EPS of 0.68 and sport a 3.79% annual dividend yield. Ericsson (ERIC) is trading at $9.14 and its shares are 10% from its 52-week low.  Ericsson shares have ticked higher after beating the Street on its Q2 earnings call on July 18th.  The company reported a 26% year to year increase in Global Services revenue which offset a 17% drop in network equipment sales.  Mastery likes the comeback story as it shares have gained 9% since reporting earnings less than 2 weeks ago.

Ford Motor (F)is trading at $9.09 and its shares are 3% from its 52-week low..  Ford trades with an incredibly low P/E Ratio of 1.9 and EPS of 4.75.  It also pays Ford pays a 2% annual dividend yield. Ford has been kicked to the curb by Wall Street since mid March pushing its shares down 30%.  Mastery had talked up Ford enough lately (Ford under $9: Time to Review), either you dig it or look the other way.

MGM Resorts (MGM)shares at $9.36 today, a long cry from its $15.74 52-week high.  MGM trades with a very low P/E Ratio of 1.8 and EPS of 5.27.  Gambling revenue has been weak for Las Vegas and Macau and its taken all the big casino stocks with it including Mastery favorite Las Vegas Sands (LVS) (Las Vegas Sands Down on its Luck).  The gaming sector always manages to bounce back, the question is when will the turnaround occur?  Consider adding MGM and LVS to your watch list, we like to be to the party early.

Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) shares are at $9.10 which is 4.5% from its 12 month low.  The bleak gaming sector is dragging down all the big game makers and its crushed Take-Two.  TTWO can't catch a break lately, we still think its got comeback potential.

MASTERY Bottom Line (Flying Kick Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

Of these 4 stocks we like ERIC and F the best.  Gamble some on MGM and really roll the dice on TTWO. 

Stocks Under $10 for Sale