Trading Alert: Volatility Hits a New Low

Enter the Dragon - Bruce Lee (Before Kicking)

Maybe we won't get kicked in the face?  Let's hope so, but don't let your guard down.

Heads up Masters, the iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures (VXX) hit a new 52-week low today. The VXX got down to $12.41 today, fear has calmed.

We've said it a million times and played this card on the VXX when it falls to a new bottom.  Stocks could head up for a few trading sessions so the VXX could creep even lower.  However before we all think everything is perfect a small position in the VXX may prove to be a worthwhile trade.

The VIX or 'Fear Index' is down 7% today and its taking the VXX along with it.  Let's hope for all of our 401K's and IRA's the trend is less volatility for a few weeks.  If we could only be so lucky.







Hit $11.87 a share today.  52 week range: $11.87 - $59.15

I always wonder why market commentators make statements about our "IRA's and 401-K's" and correlate how we should be either elated or depressed based on daily moves in the stock market.Is it just possible that the owners of IRA's and 401-K's have their money invested in something other than 100% in the stock market? Have you ever heard of bonds, money market funds, commodity funds, and the other options that just might be available to them? 

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