Vringo is up 75 percent in the last 5 days

Santa Southpark

Shares of Vringo (VRNG) are tearing it up. This could be just the beginning.

Yes, Santa has come early for Vringo Shareholders.

Vringo shares are up so much because the judge overseeing the company's legal battle with Google denied Google's request for a summary judgment yesterday.

This means, either the Patent lawsuit goes to Trial on October 15th, or Google settles before then. Mastery thinks it's going to be the latter.

The potential damages are in the high hundreds of millions to low billions (documents suggest $700MM but this assumes no penalty for willful infringement, which could triple damages).

Mastery Bottom Line:

Pure speculation play here with VRNG, proceed with caution. If they get a good settlement, shares could double or triple from here. If not, shares are going very low.

However, back in August VRNG also snatched up a bundle of 500 patents and applications from the Finnish phone maker Nokia, including 109 issued US Patents. These may prove to be a boon for VRNG as well.