Apple Shares Minor Comeback

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Anytime it drops -- Buy.

Apple Inc (AAPL) shares fell from the $155 range in early June to $142 in the middle of June. It was easy money for traders to pick up Apple on the dip. Those that did have enjoyed a ride back to $150 and change. If and when Apple falls -- Buy.

Words to live buy. Own Apple, Don't Buy it. We have all heard Jim Cramer say it. Why would you not trust the richest company on the planet.

The company is a sure bet for IRA's and long term portfolios. Forgot how much money Apple has or the fact that it's has the largest market cap of any company publically traded.  It is also the most profitable.

This just in from Fortune:

After more than a decade of solid growth fueled first by the iPod music player and then by the even more popular iPhone, Apple finally appeared to hit a wall, with lackluster sales “relatively speaking” for other products such as the iPad and Apple Watch and a heavy reliance on upgraded phone models. But the most profitable publicly-traded company in the world is investing heavily in software and its efforts in new areas of opportunity, including automobiles, remain in development (and under wraps).

AAPL Apple Inc. daily Stock Chart

Bottom line: When AAPL drops. Buy it.