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Since 2006 the Stock Masters Financial Newspaper has provided daily U.S. Stock Market News, Commentary and High Quality original content. We are dedicated to profiting from the stock market by use of experience, research, and market analysis. We analyze market trends, use technical analysis and apply our expertise to identify market changes before they happen. theStockmasters are on Google Finance 

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The Stockmasters Team consists of accomplished financial advisors and day traders, this allows us a competitive edge and broad viewpoint that is needed to understand today's volatile stock market. Today's investor must react quickly and make decisions that protect their investments, our content informs subscribers to buy/sell short or long positions before the market dictates the result. 

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Dan Dupre - Editor

Bill Silverstein - Editor


SC is the analyst at and is a specialist in applying Cycles and mathmatics to analyzing market behaviour.  He uses a combination of Cycles, Symmetrical, and Geometric patterns to identify price trends and timing.  Indexes covered include S&P 500, Russell 2000, and Nasdaq 100 as well as Financials and other sectors.  In addition, unique methods of cycle analysis are examined and applied to Gold, Silver, Oil, and other commodities markets.

Ben Stevens  - Previously ran the Stevens Stocks investing website. Ben's analysis and original reporting centers on events important to investors investing in the most active and popular stocks, mutual funds, ETF's, and bonds.  Ben has been trading since 1992 and hasn't lost his love for equities and investing.