How much will the MS Surface Cost?

Apple vs. Microsoft (AAPL vs MSFT)

The tablet wars are on between Microsoft and Apple.  Price points could be a deciding factor.

Microsoft (MSFT) has yet to release pricing for the upcoming Surface tablet.  We know its a hybrid of a iPad and Laptop, but if it costs too much Apple will continue to beat Mr. Softy in the tablet war.

Jay Yarow at believes the MS Surface will start at $600.  If that's the case we completely concur with their argument -- its going to fail:

It will start at $600. Why pay a premium for an inferior product? The iPad 2 costs $400, and it's great. The new iPad is $500 at entry level and it's really great. The Kindle Fire costs $200, and it's adequate. Microsoft isn't going to win the high-end battle, and it's not fighting the low end.

Let's hope for the consumer we get a price point for the Surface that is in-between the Kindle and iPad.  That's what makes sense for anyone who has yet to buy a tablet computer or is looking for a little more from the iPad. 

600 bones is just too much.  Why would you pay more for a Surface when you can buy and iPad for cheaper?  The iPad is established, everyone wants one and you can buy a small keyboard for it.  If Microsoft doesn't beat Apple with pricing its Surface cheaper than the iPad, its game over.



I had a first Gen touch and a Zune HD.  They both had pros and con, but ultimately Zune was a better media player and had HD video which was amazing.  No speakers and no 3rd party apps on the tiny Zune app store, but my phone has all that.  Just wasnt marketed well.  iPad won't die b/c  most ppl want the popular product and not so much the better one, but make no mistake Surface is hands down way better than the iPad retina display. Stop quoting idiots who didn't know what tech was until apple made it trendy and for Gods sake don't agree with them

"It will start at $600. Why pay a premium for an inferior product?" - You lose all credibility as a website when you make claims like this. The product isn't released yet, so you're assuming it will be inferior without anything backing this claim. The iPad isn't that great, stop being apple fanboys and right an unbiased report.

If i had to pick between ipad and ms surface i would definitly go.with surface


BI sucks in their judjments i guess.not everyone dying after ipad, also lets talk about integration to all MS products and corporate integration...where with ipad, there are virtually no aility to manage that thing from corporate network...

It is so easy for those that refuse to think, to follow a brand name.  Although I like Apple, the Surface is a window into all the MS products with seemless integration.  Come on, why be haters. Surface as anounced is thinner than Apple iPad, uses great new technology and Windows tiles constantly update without opening applications at this point, my dollars will go for Surface.  It looks ok to good, sounds like it will be more durable than the iPAD (scraches all over the bottom) and has a couple of neat extras (the pen and keyboard) that seem to be better than Apples extras. Other than that, judgement should be reserved until the actual product comes to market.

"The iPad is established, everyone wants one and you can buy a small keyboard for it." I don't