The winner for most ANNOYING Financial Headlines goes to...

Obama - Whoever came up with the idea to capitalize ever other word in their headlines should be shot.

Have you seen this? Heard about this? I'm sure you have - they re-post the same article with different titles throughout the day, and their crap shitty website is somehow on yahoo finance and google finance.

See for yourself:

Can the Market Tree STRENGTHEN Now the Bad Apple Fell Off?
Summer U.S. Stock Market WARMS UP During Earnings Season
Bernanke BOOST U.S. Stock Market BULLS
Healthcare Business Recap: AmerisourceBergen’s GOOD News, Pfizer SURVIVES FDA Request
Healthcare Business Recap: Dendreon Shares COLLAPSE, Humana Shares Its MISS
Consumer Biz Replay: FedEx and UPS Gain From USPS’ DEFICIT, McDonald’s & Others Monitor New THREAT
Consumer Business Review: Penney’s Readies Its Makeover DEBUT, Coca-Cola Deals With Corn PRICES
Consumer Business Recap: Toyota Raises FORECAST, Ford’s Retirement OFFER
Tech Business Recap: Acacia Research DISAPPOINTED, Microsoft LAUNCHES
Mergers and Acquisitions Recap: Seagate RETICENT On OCZ, Cove Shareholders APPROVE Bid
Tech Business Roundup: YouTube LOVES Pro Video Channels, Facebook Shares FALL
Financial Business Rewind: Deutsche Bank Cuts More JOBS, Citigroup Offers NOTES
Financial Business Review: UBS SUES Nasdaq Group, Visa In TROUBLE With EU
Energy Business Review: Shell LOVES The Gas Supply Chain, Chevron Goes To AFRICA
Here’s More EVIDENCE Facebook and Zynga Don’t Give a DAMN About Shareholders
Afternoon BUZZERS: Coach and Dendreon CRASH, Pfizer POPS, Apple SPIKES On New Product Rumors

Seriously Wallstcheatsheet, you're like a first-grader when it comes to financial writing. If you could bold and highlight selected words in your article titles, I'm sure you would. It hurts my brain to read these article titles, not to mention the content of the articles is all garbage filler.

Anyone reading this, join Mastery in a boycott of

What about ZeroHedge, capitalizing EvErY OtHeR LeTtEr?