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Thank You US Taxpayers: Russia-Ukraine Agree Terms On Gas-Supply Through March | ZeroHedge Shadow Banking Assets Increase By $5 Trillion To Record $75 Trillion, 120% Of Global GDP | ZeroHedge Monetary Lunacy At Work: IMF Puts 0.05% "Floor" Under SDRs | ZeroHedge
Gold Drops Below $1200 On Heavy Volume, Silver Freefalls To Feb 2010 Lows | ZeroHedge The Halloween Yen Massacre Sends Market To All-Time Highs | ZeroHedge Broken Market (Worse Than 2013 Nasdaq Blackout) Just Fails To Send S&P Back Over 2,000 | ZeroHedge
Don't Show The "Deflation Isn't Going To Happen" ECB Germany's Declining October Prices | ZeroHedge Disillusioned Millennials Dump Democrats, Blame Obama | ZeroHedge "Who Do You Trust?" | ZeroHedge
Bad Debt At China's - And The World's - Largest Bank Surges By Most Ever | ZeroHedge Broken Stocks, Battered Bullion, & Bruised Crude | ZeroHedge

Business Insider

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Look What Happened To LinkedIn's First Employees | Business Insider Starbucks Will Start Delivering Coffee And Food | Business Insider One Of The World's Leading Publishers Called Amazon An 'ISIS-Like Distribution Channel' | Business Insider
Tour The Cemetery Where New York's History Is Buried | Business Insider One Map Shows Exactly What Obamacare Has Done To The Country | Business Insider Flu or Ebola? US hospitals prepare for a confusing season | Business Insider
Michael Jordan Talks Trash On Obama's Golf Game | Business Insider Stephen Hawking Gave Filmmakers A Priceless Gift After Watching The New Movie About His Life | Business Insider How Zappos CEO's Obsession With Raving Helped Him Create A Billion-Dollar Company | Business Insider
These Police Cars Are So Awesome You'll Want To Get Pulled Over | Business Insider Here's The Memo Jefferies' CEO Wrote Supporting The Banker Whose Divorce Stunned Wall Street | Business Insider 5 Things You Need To Do If You're In Customer Service | Business Insider
With Just Months Left In The US Mission, Bloodshed In Afghanistan Has Surged This Year | Business Insider A Detailed Look At How Americans Travel Within The US | Business Insider 10 Things You Need To Know Before The Opening Bell | Business Insider
The Hot New Threat To Argentina — 'Acceleration' | Business Insider How A Spooky Story Is Revitalizing A Sleepy New York Town | Business Insider One Stock Is Responsible For 109 Points Of The Dow Rally | Business Insider
Why 2014 Is The Best Year Ever To Be A Teenage Girl | Business Insider TED CRUZ: Here's The One Thing That Will Guarantee A Hillary Clinton Victory | Business Insider The Navy SEAL Who Wrote The Book About The Bin Laden Raid Is Under Criminal Investigation | Business Insider
Burkina parliament set ablaze in protests over president | Business Insider The Simple Reason Why The San Francisco Giants Can't Be Considered A Dynasty | Business Insider

Five Stocks Cooking Up the Good Stuff for Halloween | I AM BEAR KILLER. I GOT BIG MAGIC | Kill The Shorts |
King Dollar Eating Everyone Else for Breakfast |


Virginia Town is Best Place in the U.S. to Raise Kids | BusinessWeek 2012 Honda CR-V | BusinessWeek

Financial Sense

Stock Market Drivers: Corporate Buybacks, Monetary Policy, and Large Institutions | Financial Sense Is This the Beginning of a New Bear Market? Important Signs to Watch | Financial Sense The “Save Our Swiss Gold” Initiative Is Incompatible With the EUR/CHF Peg | Financial Sense
GDP Numbers Bear Out Fed Decision | Financial Sense Gold Prices in the Post-QE World | Financial Sense Headwinds for the U.S. and U.K. Economies | Financial Sense

Stock Market Today: Stocks Rise as Investors Digest 3.5% GDP Growth, More Hawkish Fed | F5 Networks CEO Explains Retirement, Says Growth Trends Are Intact | Biotech Stock Mailbag: Prosensa, Sarepta, Arena Pharma, Hemispherx |
Why Wearable Tech Forecasts Are Good for InvenSense Despite Earnings Miss |