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Business Insider

Flying is going to be super cheap this fall | Business Insider There's been a 'resurgence' of job cuts | Business Insider This app wants to help you understand why people aren't responding to your emails | Business Insider
The 75 best photographs of the Rio Olympics | Business Insider US children eat 3 times as much sugar as they should | Business Insider Target is offering customers refunds for more than $90 million in knockoff sheets | Business Insider
THE ENTERPRISE APPS REPORT: 'Bring Your Own' policies, the shift to enterprise apps, and how companies are adapting to meet employees’ mobile needs | Business Insider 7 weird dog behaviors and what they mean | Business Insider I used CarPlay for a week and now all I want from my next car is Apple software (AAPL) | Business Insider
Audi's virtual cockpit is cool — but GM's OnStar is still better (GM) | Business Insider 6 secrets of the super wealthy | Business Insider Meet the group trying to take down North Korea with USB sticks | Business Insider
Facebook can guess your political preferences — here's how to see how it's categorized you (FB) | Business Insider Obama reportedly declined to enforce red line in Syria after Iran threatened to back out of nuclear deal | Business Insider THE DRONES REPORT: Market forecasts, regulatory barriers, top vendors, and leading commercial applications | Business Insider
Lyft says it isn't for sale — here's what that really means | Business Insider Save hundreds on Le Creuset's amazing cookware — and more of today's best deals from around the web | Business Insider I'm worth $1.5 million, and I'd never recommend paying off your mortgage early | Business Insider
10 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2020 | Business Insider ‘King Coal’ is being dethroned in the US | Business Insider 'Stranger Things' star Millie Bobby Brown shows getting her head shaved for the famous role | Business Insider
THE FALSE DECLINES REPORT: The $8.6 billion problem undermining e-commerce merchants' fraud prevention strategies | Business Insider Stanford just banned mixed drinks and shots from on-campus parties | Business Insider This $850,000 Aston Martin convertible is a work of art | Business Insider
Officials found the powerful drug that killed Prince in a mislabeled bottle in his home | Business Insider Messaging apps are now bigger than social networks | Business Insider Asia's three major powers are meeting in Tokyo to settle their territory disputes | Business Insider
Inside the office of the New York City startup that's convinced 2 million people to crawl through mud | Business Insider Even the startup trying to disrupt health insurance can't figure out Obamacare | Business Insider These are all the new features in this year's Madden game | Business Insider
The most unusual things confiscated by the TSA, according to the TSA | Business Insider A 'revolutionary' new technology can turn mice clear — and might one day map your brain | Business Insider The Pokémon Go phenomenon has peaked, and is in decline | Business Insider
'Give me one example': Mark Cuban goes after Jack Welch for attacking the Clinton Foundation | Business Insider We visited the burger chain that's embroiled in a 'David and Goliath scenario' with alleged copycat Chipotle | Business Insider The virtual and augmented reality market will reach $162 billion by 2020 | Business Insider


Marx & Markets | ZeroHedge Bulls, Bears & The Broken Clock Syndrome | ZeroHedge "Complete Chaos" - Equity Market Schizophrenia Soars | ZeroHedge
Something "Unexpected" Happened When Seattle Raised The Minimum Wage | ZeroHedge Ryan Lochte Has Lost All Of His Sponsorship Deals | ZeroHedge Follow The Money Trail For Source Of "Russian Threat" Paranoia | ZeroHedge
Frontrunning: August 23 | ZeroHedge Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Will Be Needed To Offset An "Economic Shock" | ZeroHedge Embracing "Slavery" In Hillbama's America | ZeroHedge
As Predicted, Obamacare Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class | ZeroHedge


Book Review: <em>Thinking, Fast and Slow</em> by Daniel Kahneman | BusinessWeek

Financial Sense

Stocks Churn as Earnings & Election Anxiety Grows | Financial Sense How to Leave the European Union | Financial Sense Andrew Scott: How Increasing Lifespans Affect Our Investments | Financial Sense