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Business Insider

Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton — and tickets start at $2,700 (AAPL) | Business Insider Turkey's failed coup is likely to deteriorate the economy | Business Insider It turns out sitting all day might not kill you, but there's a catch | Business Insider
4 mega-trends that could change the world by 2030 | Business Insider IGNORE THE HEADLINES: US consumers are loving life right now | Business Insider Astronauts are dying of heart disease and we don’t know why | Business Insider
The US will name a Navy ship after gay-rights activist Harvey Milk | Business Insider Cristiano Ronaldo just opened a beautiful, football-themed hotel in his hometown — take a look inside | Business Insider ROOMY KHAN: The US government is creating a culture of distrust and fear on Wall Street | Business Insider
'I literally almost fell out of my chair': Experts were shocked at Trump's comments on Russia hacking the US | Business Insider I tried giving up my phone for a week and barely made it 2 full days | Business Insider The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today | Business Insider
A former Wall Street banker is taking over one of South America's fastest-growing economies | Business Insider The events in Ferguson are shaping Missouri's governor race | Business Insider These were the best military photos of the past month | Business Insider
10 books that will expand your brain | Business Insider Google blamed a ‘bug’ for Trump's absence from ‘presidential candidates’ search results (GOOG) | Business Insider Don't expect to make any money in the market for the next 7 years | Business Insider
WikiLeaks releases hacked Democratic National Committee audio files | Business Insider Under Armour expands as athleisure popularity continues to grow (UA) | Business Insider Top US trade official: Rejecting the TPP would hand China the 'keys to the castle' on globalization | Business Insider
The 16 best entry-level jobs in 2016 | Business Insider What it’s like to work as a costume character at an amusement park | Business Insider Ths homemade flying chair is the stuff dangerous dreams are made of | Business Insider
Americans are getting shorter compared to the rest of the world | Business Insider THE MOBILE PAYMENTS REPORT: Market forecasts, consumer trends, and the barriers and benefits that will influence adoption | Business Insider The stock market's ridiculously boring streak won't last | Business Insider
The best photos from the final big night of the Democratic National Convention | Business Insider Facebook and YouTube are killing Vine: Half of Vine's top 9,725 accounts have now deleted their profiles or stopped posting (TWTR) | Business Insider Nintendo is preparing to ramp up its merchandising | Business Insider
14 great computer tricks everyone should know | Business Insider Mophie’s new wireless battery case helped my phone survive 25 straight hours | Business Insider Will the Internet of Things be bigger than the Industrial Revolution? | Business Insider
Syria's Assad says he will offer amnesty to rebels who surrender within 3 months | Business Insider Bloomberg rips Trump with brutal DNC speech: 'The richest thing about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy' | Business Insider Leon Cooperman published an epic 48-page note to investors explaining why everything is fine | Business Insider
The Japanese yen went through the roof, and the dollar is plunging | Business Insider Michael Bloomberg just summed up the election in one sentence | Business Insider Matt Damon fights mysterious enemies in the stunning trailer for 'The Great Wall' | Business Insider
Ben Bernanke could be helping Japan solve its huge debt problem | Business Insider Watch President Obama's full speech in support of Hillary Clinton | Business Insider 4 ominous reasons American fast food is headed for a huge crash | Business Insider


GDP Shocker: US Economy Grew Only 1.2% In Second Quarter; Q1 Revised To 0.8% | ZeroHedge Deutsche Bank: "There Is An Element Of Torture To The FOMC Cycle In This Broken Financial System" | ZeroHedge Trump: "I Hope Russia Has All 33,000 Emails That Hillary Deleted" | ZeroHedge
The FOMC Butterfly That Will Ruin The World | ZeroHedge

Financial Sense

Spread Thin — How the Fed Manipulates Financial Spreads | Financial Sense Best Gold & Silver Forecasters Revise 2016 Targets Sharply Higher | Financial Sense Wild Swings in Nikkei, Yen as BOJ Disappoints Markets That Expected More QE | Financial Sense
OMFIF’s David Marsh: Bank of Japan Stands to Make “Enormous” Losses | Financial Sense