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Notable Mergers and Acquisitions of the Day 9/18: (GDOT) (WWAV) (EMKR) | Market Wrap: PPI Flat in August; Rackspace Nixes Sale Idea; Boeing, SpaceX Get NASA Contract | Enbridge (ENB) Will Transfer Interest in Alberta Clipper Pipeline to Enbridge Energy Partners (EEP) |
Unusual 11 Mid-Day Movers 9/18: (EMKR) (VVUS) (XXII) Higher; (MCHX) (VHC) (ECTE) Lower |

Business Insider

Which iPhone Should You Buy? (AAPL) | Business Insider THE DOLLAR!! | Business Insider 33 Of The Most Spectacular Photos Of The US Air Force Ever Captured | Business Insider
Philly Fed Employment Index Highest Since May 2011 (DIA, SPY, QQQ, TLT) | Business Insider MOSSBERG: The iPhone 6 Is The Best Smartphone You Can Buy (AAPL) | Business Insider Less Than 24 Hours Before Scotland's Historic Vote, People Are Afraid, Frustrated, And Impatient | Business Insider
10 Things You Need To Know Before The Opening Bell (DIA, SPY, SPX, QQQ, MSFT, SNE) | Business Insider See The BBC's Pathetic Confession About Why Its Scottish Independence Vote Coverage Is So Awful | Business Insider 9 Movies We Can't Wait To See At The New York Film Festival | Business Insider
Obama: Ebola crisis 'spiraling out of control' | Business Insider Forensic sleuths sketch Richard III's brutal end | Business Insider Apple Could Be Gearing Up To Sell 50 Million Apple Watches Next Year (AAPL) | Business Insider
The Company That's Trying To Make Eggs Obsolete Is Raising $50 Million At A $300 Million Valuation | Business Insider Wal-Mart China Accused Of Firing Workers Who Claimed The Company Was Selling Expired Food | Business Insider Economist Karl Case Composed A Lovely Poem About The Housing Bubble For Robert Shiller | Business Insider
Audi Jumps To The Front Of The Line For Self-Driving Cars In California (TSLA, GM, F) | Business Insider HOMEBUILDER CONFIDENCE SURGES TO 9-YEAR HIGH | Business Insider Even With Apple's New Security Measures, It's Still Possible To Break Into A Locked iPhone (AAPL) | Business Insider
7 New Startups San Francisco Can't Stop Talking About | Business Insider This Is The 'Single-Most Disappointing Aspect' Of The New iPhone 6 | Business Insider 17 Of The Most Shocking PETA Ads | Business Insider
This Guy Will Make Thousands Of Dollars Waiting In Line For People Desperate To Get The New iPhone | Business Insider European stocks edge up but hang on Scotland vote | Business Insider Meet The New Nate Silver | Business Insider
Here's How ISIS Is Wrecking Iraq's Oil Industry | Business Insider 18 Photos Of Old Shanghai Being Demolished To Make Way For Modernization | Business Insider The Top Leaders Of A Navy Ship Were Fired In The Middle Of Their Deployment | Business Insider
SCOTLAND IS VOTING ON ITS INDEPENDENCE RIGHT NOW | Business Insider This Conservative Pundit Has An Unbelievable Collection Of Brightly Colored Shirts | Business Insider Poorly Behaved Airline Passengers Are Being Publicly Shamed Online | Business Insider
EBRD bank slashes outlook for Russian economy | Business Insider You Just Got A Big Raise, America! | Business Insider Emerging Payment Technologies Will Create New Winners And Losers In The Giant Credit Card Industry | Business Insider
A Hedge Fund Manager Reportedly Bought This Nantucket Beachfront Compound For $20 Million | Business Insider


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The REAL Reason Britain is Freaking Out About Scottish Independence | ZeroHedge

HAR, HAR, HAR: I AM RONG SORAR! | I Will Be There, Will You? |


Hallucinogens Legally Sold as 'Bath Salts' a New Threat | BusinessWeek Suze Orman, Debit-Card Dealer | BusinessWeek

Financial Sense

The Perfect (Dollar) Storm – When Currencies Collide Part 2 | Financial Sense Last Stand Approaching for Gold | Financial Sense Companies' Stock Buybacks at Biggest Pace Since 2007 | Financial Sense


STTG Market Recap September 17, 2014 | FundMyMutualFund