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Business Insider

CORE INFLATION UNEXPECTEDLY RISES | Business Insider COPYCAT: Another Idiot Just Tweeted An Airline Terrorist Threat | Business Insider Google Warns: We Are Scanning Your Email (GOOG) | Business Insider
Volvo Just Revolutionized The Car Seat In A Way That Parents Are Going To Love | Business Insider How Were Opening Weekend Sales For The New Galaxy S5 Phone? Samsung Won't Say Anything Specific | Business Insider There's Hardly Any Chicken In School Lunch 'Chicken Nuggets' | Business Insider
Running Experts Share Their Best Tips For First-Time Marathoners | Business Insider The Official Trailer For 'Gone Girl' Is Finally Here, And It Looks As Chilling As The Book | Business Insider SOCIAL INSIDER: New LinkedIn App? — Tinder's Value — Few Tweeters | Business Insider
Three Charts Show How Healthcare Costs Have Exploded Since 1960 | Business Insider LEAKED: Designs And Molds For The Long-Awaited 'Big iPhone' | Business Insider This Is How The Top Social Networks Think About Their Users — And Why It Matters | Business Insider
Today Is Bicycle Day — Here Are The World's 20 Best Cities For Cyclists | Business Insider ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Is Retiring After Sunday Night’s Episode | Business Insider Here Are Your Chances Of Winning $100,000 From The St. Louis Rams For Picking A Perfect NFL Schedule | Business Insider
Yahoo, Still Stuck In Neutral (YHOO) | Business Insider Most Engineers Are Happier And Think They'll Be Richer Than The Rest Of Us, Study Says | Business Insider NETFLIX: Our Streaming Speeds Got A Lot Faster Since We Started Paying Comcast | Business Insider
Kim Dotcom Threw Another Epic Pool Party This Weekend [PHOTOS] | Business Insider Paul Walker’s Two Brothers Will Fill In For Actor In ‘Fast & Furious 7’ | Business Insider The NFL World Is Freaking Out About Johnny Manziel Acing A Meaningless IQ Test | Business Insider
Morgan Stanley Asks Whether The Market Is Buying Into The Secular Stagnation Thesis | Business Insider


Frontrunning: April 15 | ZeroHedge Enlightened Self Interest and Financial Industry Hypocrisy - Chapter One of Three | ZeroHedge Trading Made Simple | ZeroHedge
East Ukraine Braces For Military Operation As Ultimatum Passes: Full Ukraine Event Recap | ZeroHedge Copper Joins Precious Metals Rout, Tumbles Below $3.00 | ZeroHedge "Ukraine In Very Dangerous Situation", No Lethal Assistance Coming Says White House | ZeroHedge
Monday Humor: So You Want To Be A Trader... | ZeroHedge Gold Futures Halted Again On Latest Furious Slamdown | ZeroHedge Sixth Phone Conversation: Obama Warns Putin "Costs" Will Increase; Kremlin Tells Obama To "Prevent Bloodshed" | ZeroHedge
White House Admits CIA Director Brennan Was "Secretly" In Kiev | ZeroHedge Soaring Food Inflation Full Frontal: Beef, Pork And Shrimp Prices Soar To Record Highs | ZeroHedge Watch As Donetsk Locals Stop A Ukraine Tank | ZeroHedge
HFT Firm CEO Seeks Taxpayer Dollars To Save His Hockey Team | ZeroHedge Russian Fighter Jet Flies Repeatedly Within 1000 Yards Of US Warship In The Black Sea | ZeroHedge

Financial Sense

Datawatch CEO: Big Data Getting Even Bigger; Technology Evolving Very Quickly | Financial Sense 4 Key Reasons for CAPEX Accelerating | Financial Sense When You're Not Around: Setting Your Family Up for Success | Financial Sense
No End to Central Bank Meddling as ECB Embraces ‘Quantitative Easing’, Faulty Logic | Financial Sense Shareholder Value: Getting Rich Slowly | Financial Sense

Kass Katch: Buy Ocwen Financial | Stocks Open Higher on Citi Surprise, Surging Retail Sales | 10 Cheapest Beers in Major League Baseball |


Ten Things Only Bad Managers Say | BusinessWeek

Altucher Confidential

What Happened to All the Laughter? | Altucher Confidential

Notable Mergers and Acquisitions of the Day 04/10: (CSH) (RAD) (GG) | After-Hours Stock Movers 4/9: (RT) (ANGO) (JOEZ) Higher; (IMPV) (TEU) (BBBY) Lower (more...) |

Stock #Market Recap 04/14/14 {Video} | To Be Clear, The Fed Dropping Guidance Was A Big Deal |