Breaking Bad goes Breaking GIFs

Breaking Bad - Walter and Jesse (Big Pic)

Are you a 'Breaking Bad' fan like us, then you'll love Breaking GIFs. 

The site you need to visit today is, its put together by the comedic genius of Paul Scheer.  Get ready to see Walter, Jesse, Hank, and Gus like you've never seen them before.

Its a fan website like none other and wants to hear from you.  Their RSS for you to keep up-to-date on their latest images is  It will keep you at bay until the final season of 'Breaking Bad' starts up on AMC possibly in July this year.

'Breaking Bad' will air in two 8 episode blocks.  They are filming the first 8 episodes, then taking a 4 month break.  We get to see the first 8 episodes this summer.  The final 8 episodes will probably be released in 2013.  Let's hope Gus comes back in flashbacks or better yet a 'walker' on the 'Walking Dead'.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Until then... Behold!