Better things to buy than Facebook shares for $20

Facebook - Zuck bucks

Now that Facebook shares are under $20, what else can you waste your money on?

Forget wasting $20 on a single share of Facebook (FB), they are going to get cheaper. In After-Hours trading, Facebook is down to $19.86 a share. It's brutal.  It's why the Masters ponder - what should you buy with $20 instead of Facebook shares?

 First up, if you are holding Facebook (FB) shares, then quickly buy an 18-pack of any beer for under $20 and get faded to deal with the pain of losing more money.


1) Head over to and check out their gifts under $25, DVD's of Breaking Bad, Golf Crap, MP3 albums etc.  All kinds of instant gratification.

2) A cool t-shirt on eBay, re-live your childhood and go for a cheap Star Wars shirt or something lamer like a 'I'M WITH STUPID' shirt.  You would not believe how many of those type of shirts are on eBay, try 5,000.

3) A subscription to or  Stream some movies, TV shows, or play a video game for a few months.  If you don't like it, cancel. It only cost you $20.

4) $20 worth of beer coasters,  who doesn't need more of those.

5) A random Lego character, this one is cool and under $20.

6) Better yet, a SAVE FERRIS t-shirt.


MASTERY Bottom Line (Ninja Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

Facebook could get even cheaper as we mentioned yesterday in Facebook: The Great Selloff

If you are thinking of bottom fishing FB, have patience -- its going lower.