Facebook Shares: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Facebook - UNLIKE

Just like that the internets turns on FB, down it goes.

Barron's shot down Facebook (FB) over the weekend. Today the internets is a buzz about the upcoming lock-up and down the stock goes.  FB is down 11%.

Facebook: It was right to Buy

Facebook - Zuck bucks

We said buy Monday, make that a 17% return by Friday. 

An impressive gain for Facebook (FB) shares this week and we told you consider the stock on Monday.  From $18 range to close Friday at $22, the 'Like' button has been pressed.

Facebook: Time to Buy?

Facebook - Zuck bucks

If Howard Lindzon is taking a chance on FB, its got us interested.

Facebook Inc's (FB) is trading at $18.81 and its shares are 6.7% from its 52-week low.  FB is a far cry from its $45 share price.  Keep in mind the company has only been trading since May.


Farley - Living in a Van down by the River

How about them apples, next thing you know Zuckerberg will be living in a van.  Down by the river of course.

Facebook (FB) shares hit $19.84 today and continue to plunge.  Turns out CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also born in 1984.  Coincidence?  Maybe Mark and shareholders needs a visit from Matt Foley.

Facebook: The Great Selloff

Facebook - UNLIKE

Two more days and the massive selloff could begin for FB shares.

Over the next four months almost 70% of Facebook (FB) shares could hit the market in a huge selling force.  The flood gates open for the first round on Thursday August 16th.  What could it do to the current value of FB shares?

New 52-week low for Facebook

Facebook - UNLIKE

This time the bears take a bite of Facebook. 

Facebook (FB) is down 10% after-hours and only a few pennies above $24.  Come Friday it will be a brand new 52-week low for Facebook shares.  Get ready to hear about fb all day and read 10,000 stories about it.


Sell or Buy Facebook Shares?


Facebook is off to a rough start, everyday its stock gets cheaper.  Mastery is warming up to the idea of owning FB.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has proved thus far to be a weak investment.  Everyone is watching shares fall but even the Powers-that-be agree its a buy once it hits a specific point. 

What is this Facebook thing?

Jackie Chan - Are you Serious

Did Facebook go public today, really?  Wow, can I read another article about fb. 

Just like that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is public.  Its trading at $41 and up 9% on this fine Friday.  Go buy it now because their business model makes perfect sense.


That's the latest, fb is going to raise as much as $16 billion.  We think it will be more.

Facebook is going to make a handful of people rich and the rich lucky investors even more rich.  Its going to be the IPO of the century.

Facebook IPO

Could Facebook really become the new Google?  Its appears so.

The story comes via BusinessWeek.com and its worth your attention.  Facebook (FB) to be challenged by Google (GOOG) in search -- you bet.