The Expendables 2 (Skull)

Simply put -- Radical.

Behold the trailer that stars Stallone and his gang of classic action heros.  This time they include Mastery favorite Jean Claude Van Damme.


Positive EU Commentary Lifts Stocks

JCVD - Hard Target

JCVD and friends helped stocks finally bounce today.  Its about time as we have been oversold for a week.

Finally the major indexes are all up and volatility has calmed down.  We are enjoying a bullish run for stocks today on Tax Day (April 17th). EU debt worries are at bay and U.S. earnings are looking healthy. 


JCVD biting Snake

Most of us are feeling like JCVD this morning but Apple is up and RIM is bouncing.  Also don't forget JNPR.

Not the best open today as the crap job numbers from Thursday (April 5th) are impacting the market in a very negative way.  However Apple (AAPL) shares are up less than 1% and Research in Motion (RIMM) is up 2.38%.

EU to be Downgraded?

JCVD - Hard Target holding Gun

JCVD and friends could send stocks lower if the S&P lower the boom.

Equities are in for a wild ride today.  Bloomberg reports the official S&P downgrade of EU state(s) is expected at 3 PM ET.

JCVD biting Snake

This week (Dec 9th) EuroTrash could hurt earnings season.  It could upset you to the point of biting a snake.

Mastery is hoping stocks keep holding steady in 2012, at least the one's we watch.  However, if weak earnings from Europe creep to much into U.S. corporate results, its going to get ugly.