Love the Big Mac but not the Calories? Hi Mac Jr.

Mac Jr  Jr Mac

It's been here since January but you didn't know about it.

McDonalds Corp (MCD) has been serving the BIG MAC for over 50 years. In January the company made a change nationwide that made the classic hamburger even more inticing.  Less calories.  How? They shrunk it down to a smaller size. Hello the MAC JR.

Buy Stocks that are "Out of Favor"

Bull Market on Wall Street

What to buy? These out of favor stocks.

CSX (CSX) Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY), Urban Outfitters (URBN) and McDonald’s (MCD) are four names that are down on their luck.  It could be a buying opportunity for would be investors.

Don't bet the Farm on Shake Shack (SHAK)

Shake Shack

First day and up over 100%

If only normal people could have been in on the Shake Shack Inc (NYSE:SHAK) IPO, we could have been set for 2015.  Nope.  You get the chance to buy it after a 100% gain.  No thanks.

Psycho - Shower Scene

The Bird Flu has killed this stock and it might never recover. Get real people.

Yum! Brands Inc. (YUM) revenue and share price has taken a nose dive since the Bird Flu panic in China.  To discount the company and take the position they are over is just dumb.  The 6% decline in share price since April 1st is an opportune entry point for investors waiting on the sidelines.

Shhh - Colbert and Stewart

Shhh! These popular stocks have ticked higher since mid January without any big headlines.

Some Mastery large cap Mastery favorites have beat the performance of the S&P 500 since mid January.  Those names are Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc (CMG), UnitedHealth Group Inc (UNH) and McDonald's Corp (MCD).  Since January 17th McDonalds (MCD) has gained 4.5%, UnitedHealth (UNH) up 6.4% and Chipotle (CMG) up 15.2%.

Lando Disguise

These stocks don't need a to hide behind a lame Lando disguise.

2013 is just starting and the Dow Jones and S&P 500 are already up 5%.  It's time to identify a few stocks that will continue the run this year and weather any unexpected EU or U.S. Congress debacle.  Mastery is all over it including such picks as Verifone Systems Inc. (PAY), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Leap Wireless (LEAP), and McDonald's Corp. (MCD).

Wall Street Bull

We've talked up these five stocks before and they just started to move in 2013.

Since we all have short attention spans, we will cut right to the chase.  The five stock picks we are endorsing for 2013 and beyond are Verifone Systems Inc. (PAY), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Leap Wireless (LEAP), and McDonald's Corp. (MCD).

Wall Street Bull

To start 2013 right Mastery is going with 4 established companies with impeccable brands.

To battle the impact of a Post Fiscal Cliff trading environment Mastery is going with four established companies.  The winners being Anheuser Busch (BUD), Walt Disney Co. (DIS), The Coca-Cola Co. (KO) and McDonald's Corp. (MCD).  You get what you pay for and now is the time to go with best in breed.

Banksy - Follow Your Dreams

This week was ruined by the U.S. Government but we found some stocks to consider.

Another unbelievable week of witnessing the failure of comprise by the once most powerful country the United States of America.  Its beyond anything anyone living has ever experienced in the U.S. and it stinks bad.  However Mastery did find a few stocks to consider going long on including Verifone (PAY), Fuel Systems Solutions (FSYS), Chipotle (CMG), McDonalds (MCD), and Take-Two (TTWO).


McRib Info

The McRib is back!  What the hell is it made of anyway?

McDonalds Corp (MCD) just made our Fast Food Stocks for 2013 list.  Now that the McRib is back for a limited time, its time to focus on the BBQ delicacy.