Show me the Money - Jerry M (Big Pic)

These 3 Dividend stocks will show you the money.

They are BGC Partners (BGCP), MCG Capital Corporation (MCGC), and Nokia (NOK).

All three trade below $5 and offer a sweet dividend.

Let's get straight to the stocks.

Nokia Shares: Vending Machine Prices

Nokia Lumia 900

A bottle of soda is now more valuable than a single share of Nokia.

Just when you thought Nokia (NOK) couldn't get any lower, surprise new 52-week low. Nokia hit $1.69 a share today.

Nokia under $2 a Share

Nokia Lumia 900

More of the same for Nokia, another day another 12 month low.

Nokia (NOK) shares are under two dollars and got as low as $1.78 today.  Nokia's share price decline continues and its now back to levels not seen since 1994

The Nokia Army

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia has to do something and quick.  How about starting an army in Silcon Valley?

Nokia (NOK) shares keep falling hitting new 12 month lows on a weekly basis.  Nokia shares never recovered after the 2008 fall.  Since early 2008 Nokia shares are down 94%, its ugly and then some.

Nokia Lumia 900

In the last 30 days Nokia shares have lost 30%.  Have they finally bottomed?

Got three dollars and some change, then you have enough to buy a single share in Nokia (NOK).

Nokia now a $4 Stock

2 Dollar Bill

So much for a $5 stock, Nokia is now just above $4.

Nokia (NOK) sank to a new 52-week low today and hasn't been at this price since 1997.  The company reduced its guidance and traders spanked Nokia a new one.