Vader and Fett

We start October with a bang. We review the potential short squeeze plays to make a quick buck

Get ready for the Q4 2012 rally.  There's no time to waste and some quick money could be made by playing popular stocks with heavy short interest. Making the cut are Yelp, Inc. (YELP), GameStop Corp (GME), Zillow Inc. (Z) and Inc. (OSTK).


50/200-day MA Crossovers for Tuesday (NSC,AGII,JDAS,FIF,OSTK)

What's a Bullish 50/200-day MA Crossover?

The Tick

Mastery reviews the week Tick style with the best and worst stock picks of the week.

The week that was a comeback for Overstock (OSTK) but not for Nokia (NOK).  Cobra Kai and the Tick help us all sort it out.

Revenge of

Darth Vader - Hoth

The Sith couldn't bring down and its shares are bouncing back big. (OSTK) jumped 7% today after the company reported a profit in Q1.  The 23% short float on shares is going to send this stock from Earth to Hoth in a flash.

Enter the Dragon - Bruce Lee

Here are today's Strong Volume Gainers for Thursday 04/19/2012.

What's a Strong Volume Gainer?

A strong volume gainer is when volume is four times greater than the 20-day SMA and is above yesterday's close.

Overstock: is the bottom in?

Darth Maul - Large Pic

Shares of Overstock (OSTK) are down -33% YTD. Will the bleeding stop soon, or will the Evil Sith Lords win?

Overstock currently has one of the most horrendous charts I've ever seen, in a nice channel heading straight down to zero.