RIM Bounces Back

RIM - Large Hindenberg Pic

Right before our eyes RIM shares have bounced back 50%

Hard to believe but Research in Motion (RIMM) shares have rallied back from a $6 stock to almost a $10 stock.  So the Blackberry isn't dead yet?

RIM - Large Hindenberg Pic

The numbers for Research in Motion's Blackberry continue to deteriorate Hidenberg style.

Research in Motion (RIMM) is nothing compared to the iPhone by Apple (AAPL) and Google's (GOOG) Android based phones.  RIM will never catch its competitors, even Nokia (NOK) has a better chance at a turnaround. 

Research in Motion hits another Low

RIM - Large Hindenberg Pic

Another day, another 52-week low for RIM.

Research in Motion (RIMM) shares almost fell below the $10 mark today, touching $10.01 in this morning's session.  That means another 12 month low as RIM falls down its bottomless pit.

Top Cat

Research in Motion (RIMM) was 1% away from is 12 month low yesterday (again), its time to ready the bounce play.

Research in Motion (RIMM) is a zombie revenue machine.  For that reason alone when its shares bottom out in the near future, its time to cash in on the bounce.