We're 3 and a half months into the bear market now.  It is time to reduce risk, and look to be defensive instead.  How low will the next phase of the bear market take the index?

The economic data is turning sour, and the momentum has been waning for months.  The S&P may work a little higher in July, but the risk isn't worth it.  August and September are

S&P 500 Set to Tumble Lower in July (SPXU, SDS, SH)

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June ended with a pop in the market, but now it is back to reality in July.  How low could it go in July? 

The reality is that the market has been trending lower since the early days of April.  With three months of lower highs in place, and a lower low in June, there isn't much point in trying

S&P 500 Whipsaws to Continue (SPXU, SDS)


The S&P 500 may trade a little higher in coming days, but a bear flag pattern has developed. 

Simply put, shorting the index for the next whipsaw down is the play.

S&P 500 Rally Over - Bear Market Returns

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The 1340 S&P 500 target was met on Friday.  The analysis is confirming that the bear market that started in May 2011 has now resumed once again. 

Since the S&P 500 target was met Friday, and upon careful review, it is clear that the rally up from the October 2011 lows is now over.

S&P 500 Upside Limited


The index has been working it's way up to the target level slowly but surely.  While some limited upside still appears possible, increased volatility can be expected from this poi

The target level for the S&P 500 index is 1340.  Last week, the index reached 1333 - within 7 points of the target level. 

S&P 500 Pullback Due


Since Dec.

The week ahead poses challenges to the rally with ongoing Greek debt negotiations, Fed meetings, and earnings.  A dip to approximately the 1272 area for the S&P 500 looks possible next.

S&P 500 Target Reached


We mentioned that the market was likely to grind higher and it did.  It has been a good run for the bulls.  The 1311 S&P target was reached yesterday.  What is coming next?&nb

Now that the target has been reached it is a great time to review.  While minor upside to near 1325 remains possible, the market is pricey up here.  This is a natural level to see in

S&P 500 Grinding Higher


While the European downgrades took the wind out of last week's rally, the S&P 500 is technically setting to push higher.  The index target remains as shown on the following ch

The index cooled off on Friday amid European downgrades.  However, the uptrend from December remains intact.  The index is building strength to press higher.  The targ

Jason Voorhies

It's the first Friday the 13th of 2012, and Jason has awoken to chase down investors and cut off their limbs.

The major indices are down about 1% so far today, as the 2012 bull run has been snapped.

Could it be time for the Negative Nancy index?

3day Chart

Watch for Major Top S&P 500

Watch for a major top in the S&P 500 index around this Tuesday, January 10th at 1308 to 1311 maximum.  There is heavy resistance at this level going back several years to year 2007.&n