• I smell a Short Sqeeze (JRCC,TASR,TSL)   5 years 35 weeks ago

    Thanks for the feedback market_newbee. While I was writing this article earlier, the market was breakeven - now it's down a tiny bit, but I think we're definately seeing some support here at S&P 1180. We'll see...

  • I smell a Short Sqeeze (JRCC,TASR,TSL)   5 years 35 weeks ago

    I think this is more like a pause before resuming sinking. I could be wrong...but I think this could be a short squeeze only for weak bears with weak stops.  

  • Super Committee Drama: Cash and Volatility   5 years 35 weeks ago

    Damn government

  • ProShares Ultra Silver(AGQ) takes a beat-down   5 years 36 weeks ago

    It's nice to hear positive feedback for a change. Normally people just call us jerks.

  • ProShares Ultra Silver(AGQ) takes a beat-down   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Keep it Stock Masters, love this stuff.  Finally some humor and wit with what's going on in the market. 

  • GMCR shareholders suicide rate down as shares gain 13% today   5 years 36 weeks ago


  • GMCR shareholders suicide rate down as shares gain 13% today   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Longs are delusional. 

  • Covered Call Picks (CLSN,AMR,CLWR,OVTI,LNG)   5 years 36 weeks ago

    For one thing, I don't think you can call these 'small premiums'. 16%, 14.6% etc. is nothing scoff at for a one month return. And that's just the options premium - the percentages listed do not include the additional gains if they reach expiration ITM."I don't get taking in a small premium and risk taking a big hit on the underlying"This is what stop limit orders are for... You can easily close out of these positions if they turn south, either breakeven or a small loss.Covered calls are a very conservative play. If you wrote a CC on LNG before the gap up, you should know before hand your maximum profit potential and be ok with that before writing the CC.I can talk all day about covered calls so if you have any more questions feel free to ask. 

  • Covered Call Picks (CLSN,AMR,CLWR,OVTI,LNG)   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Why would you buy OVTI in order to write a covered call?  Or AMR , or CLWR?  If you wrote a CC on LNG before the gap up you'd want to commit suicide. lol I don't get taking in a  small premium and risk taking a big hit on the underlying... But I'm sure someone will make a feeble attempt in explaining the merits.....

  • Why invest in 3 month CD'S, just get a Dividend Checking account with First Tech   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Your IP address has been banned. Criticism is fine, but anyone posting duragatory comments will be banned from this site.

  • Why invest in 3 month CD'S, just get a Dividend Checking account with First Tech   5 years 36 weeks ago

    2.57% on the first $10,000 you jerks. 0.31% after that; plus there are conditions that no sane person would want to keep.

  • Google is Amazing: Google X   5 years 36 weeks ago

    And your potty could post all about the attributes of your s..t (color, smell, texture etc.) on facebook!

  • Time to Jump and Sell Everything   5 years 36 weeks ago

    This Europe-headline-driven-market is getting old really fast. Hard to trade anything right now. What about the slew of decent economic news coming in right here in goold old fashioned America? I reckon we forget about these sissy berret wearing Europeons and focus more on what's going on at home where the hard working blue collar americans live. PPI showed a drop of 0.3% which was more than the 0.1% that was expected.Retail sales jumped by 0.5%, which was ahead of the 0.3% that was expected.Retail sales ex autos jumped 0.6%, well ahead of the 0.2% that was expected.And Empire manufacturing came in at 0.61 vs. expectations of -2.00.   

  • Stocks Waver on EuroTrash   5 years 36 weeks ago

    I like VXX here, however the TVIX's volume seems extremely low lately

  • Explaining Nintendo's Great Decline   5 years 36 weeks ago

    I concur, NTDOY is in trouble.  Unless they figure out how the Wii U is going to change the game, I don't see much good going for them.  Maybe this stock could bounce, but at what price?

  • Stocks Waver on EuroTrash   5 years 36 weeks ago

    The VXX is a perfect money maker and should definetely be the way to go if your looking to short something. Even better than the VXX is TVIX which is a double. More profits. A most buy if its lower than $50.00

  • Explaining Nintendo's Great Decline   5 years 36 weeks ago

    While I am not an expert investor, I have followed Nintendo a bit as my son has been pestering me to invest inNintendo for the last year or so.   There is no question that Nintendo has missed some early opportunities in  theinternational edutainment and educational technology in general.  I understand the DS has been used in schoolsin Japan in some  of the ways we are using ipads in the USA currently, yet Nintendo did not enter our educationmarket except for trace amounts (perhaps 3rd party math practice  and the like). Contributing to Nintendo's not being a head turner  in the financial community is their lack of apps for the iphone; hey, even ifsome potential Nintendo customers would rather have their DS, it might look a little silly in some environments- -give them a phone to play on,  one can always appear to be checking a timely business matter.  I agree with allpoints of Stockmaster. All paths taken or not taken by Nintendo aside,  even the family pet would recognize Mario.  I believe it is greatly underestimated, or perhaps not estimated at all, what Nintendo's sales will be this holiday season.  Unfortunately, the release of their new games misses their last quarter earnings; so, the new Mario 3D DS game that was released Sunday, November 13 at 10:00 am in the United STates  will not give Nintendo the credit it deserves. This game is receiving rave reviews from the gaming community. I suspect the other releases will not diappoint either: Skyward Sword (ZELDA GAME) on the Wii, Mario Cart 7 on the 3DS, Kid Icarus Upprising on the 3DS.  These games will rack up some sales.  And  holiday giftcards and cash alike will find it's way to the stores in 2012 for the Wii-U, The New SUPER SMASH BROS for Wii-U, New Super Mario Bros Me  for the Wii-U.My kid won, I bought a little Nintendo...not because of the 3DS. I knew that was too expensive and at the wrong time of year etc. I waited until a couple weeks ago. Troughout all the instability of the international market, my $19-$20 stock has remained stable, for which I am most grateful.  Additionally, my son is learning that a stock doesn't necessarily go up because a company has earned greater value; rather a stock goes up because of public perception, analyst and other authored reviews and predictions,  attention or investment (and sometimes manipulation) from high profile entities.  Additonally, my son has learned the company can even do well financially and not have their stock go up in a predictable ratio. There are many things Nintendo could have done differently, even this season...hey, why are the Wii games coming AFTER Hannukah and Christmans? Whoops...oh, and the new Wii...Whoops...Wait, maybe they planned all the gift card money.  Not likely, but they are going to rake in some money and Yoshi deserves out support right now.  So, go buy some Nintendo fun.I want to believe, too, for my kid.Come on Nintendo.......I think I can and Wii think U can. (Yes, I own some Nintendo..for better or worse....Risky, like saving Princess Peach).      

  • Mastery 2.0 is finally here!   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Nice work guys, keep up the great work

  • Microvision Shares Hit 50 Cents   5 years 37 weeks ago

    At a certain point you would think this company's intellectual and patents would be up for sale?  Yet no word on any potential buyer, like Apple for its iPhone or Samsung?  Why aren't the big cell phone companies lining up to acquire Microvision's assets?

  • Mastery 2.0 is finally here!   5 years 37 weeks ago

    Nice work Stockmasters! Love the new format. Have you thought about implementing a slideshow at all?

  • Cisco Systems: The Good, the Bad, the Price Targets   6 years 11 weeks ago

    BOSTON (Reuters) – Cisco Systems Inc is expected to cut thousands of jobs in possibly its worst-ever round of layoffs to meet Chief Executive John Chambers' goal of slashing costs by $1 billion.

    Four analysts contacted by Reuters estimated the world's largest maker of network equipment will eliminate up to 4,000 jobs in coming months, with the average forecast at 3,000. That would represent 4 percent of Cisco's 73,000 permanent workers. It also has an undisclosed number of temporary contractors.

    Cisco's previous record layoffs was set in fiscal 2002, when the company shed some 2,000 jobs, according to Canaccord Genuity analyst Paul Mansky.

    That was back when the Internet bubble burst, ending a period of unrestrained spending on technology products as Internet start-ups and old school companies alike rushed to establish a Web presence.

    source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110513/bs_nm/us_cisco

  • Talbots Shares Fall like the Hoff and a Burger   6 years 33 weeks ago

    With a $11 Price Target and Talbots, Inc. (NYSE:TLB) shares trading today at $8.47 the firm still thinks this stock could gain 30% in the next 12 months.

    (StreetInsider.com) Here's the scoop on Webush sticking by TLB today -- Wedbush Lowers Estimates on Talbots (TLB), Maintains Outperform RatingWedbush likes their Outperform rating that is currently held on Talbots (NYSE: TLB), but did decide to change their price target on the company to $11 and a new EBITDA estimates of $152M. The firm believes that investors should look at three things (1) reinvesting in marketing to raise brand awareness and improve customer acquisition efforts, (2) positive response to store refreshes along with a testing of update package, and (3) Li & Fung sourcing which could aid merchandise margins in F11.

    SOURCE: http://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst+Comments/Wedbush+Lowers+Estimates+on+Talbots+(TLB),+Maintains+Outperform+Rating/6150660.html

  • Green Mountain: Not Falling Off the Cliff (GMCR)   6 years 41 weeks ago

    I want to take this moment to say that I really love this blog. It has been a good resource of information for me. Thank you so much admin.

  • Will Ameritrade (AMTD) break out of the $14-$16 range?   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Haha -- yeah, beer can be our best friend and enemy.

    The lowered EPS is correlated to the fact that the fed has not yet raised the interest rates. It was anticipated that they would have done so by now, but the economy has not recovered as it previously was thought it would by now. If you look at AMTD's balance sheets, they have a large pile of cash -- which, once rates go up, will be bringing in money by the truck loads. Until rates go up, though, they had to realistically drop their EPS outlook... but only in the short-term, while rates are still so low.

    Meanwhile we shall see if AMTD's new ETF Market Center will do much good -- the new 101 commission-free ETFs. Didn't seem to do Fido (Fidelity) much good when they rolled out their 25, but perhaps it will work out better for AMTD.

  • Will Ameritrade (AMTD) break out of the $14-$16 range?   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Yeah, I had a few beers before writing this article, so I got the date wrong. Should have been July. It's updated now.

    Iron Condor, what you wrote about the 30 million share repurchase makes sense, however, you didn't address the fact that they AMTD has lowered their outlook. In thoery, yes that would raise EPS, but when you factor in the fact that their outlook has been lowered significantly, it's a break-even situation.