Silver Dips First then Explodes Upwards

Silver - Large Pic w Bars

Silver has been white hot in January.  It needs to cool off first, but Silver is setting to explode upwards in February - be prepared for an exciting move!

February is set to be another excellent month for Silver bulls.  However, it has run too far, too fast, and needs to cool off before making the next run up. 

Watch for a pullback in Silver early next week, and get ready for fireworks on the upside after that dip.  The price action has shown remarkable similarity to early 2011 in both timing and price. 

Inverted head and shoulders pattern forming, like a BOSS!


Lol, Silver is the best!

Thank you.  It has been a fun ride for the metals and things are just getting warmed up.  Surprises are coming for both Gold and Silver as I will show soon with the charts....

Also, Kudos on your gold call last week.