S&P 500 Rally Over - Bear Market Returns

Bear Market.jpg

The 1340 S&P 500 target was met on Friday.  The analysis is confirming that the bear market that started in May 2011 has now resumed once again. 

Since the S&P 500 target was met Friday, and upon careful review, it is clear that the rally up from the October 2011 lows is now over.

The analysis of the mathematics (specifically the geometric patterns in combination with the symmetry) indicates strongly that the rally ended on Friday.  Therefore, the bear market is anticipated to resume from this point. 

Next week, a sharp pullback is to be expected down to the 1289-1295 level.  Ongoing negotiations with Greece and resulting confusion are likely reasons why this would occur on a fundamental basis.  February looks somewhat choppy overall.

Expect a full blown bear market from late February onwards and particularly March.   

by the blowback you recieved for making this call (which I fully agree, have been building my swing) I feel moe confident in my postion. We have had a massive run from oct lows, with zero rest, in the face of huge systemic risk to the global markets. Lower we go. If you feel the need tobe in something that goes up, buy some bios. lol

I wish SC was right- as Iam a bear too! What SC is missing is the formation of a bull flag, which just broke out last Friday... and if the measurement of the pole is take.. we are going to see new highs... 1350 would be just history.

That is a good point.  There are always multiple patterns in the market at any one time though.  The trick is always to find the right pattern that plays out.In this case, I do see the bearish pattern confirming.  We will have an answer shortly.Thank you.

In SC We Trust.  Writing comments and not leaving any trace of yourself is cowardly.  All the Masters have different views on the market, embrace the opinions and stock picks -- they don't cost you a dime.



how bogus !   This clown's lines are arbitrarily placed to support his agenda.  The lines could easily be drawn (more accurately) to show no symetry, and/or a continued upward trend. Who is "SC" anyway?  NOBODY!

It is always controversial to call major turning points.  However, to make profits consistently a contrarian position is required at turning points.  During the summer the bears were plentiful, and now there are simply too many bulls.I can assure you that the lines are exactly in the correct position.  The chart shows the red fork clearly, while the pink fork could be seen better with a larger time frame chart so I agree to some extent.  There will be additional charts coming to show how this looks.  

Everyone is bullish now that the S&P has rallied up 270 points from the Oct low!  Stick with the bears for a while....   

in your dreams