Time to Look at Ford

Ford Motor (F) - Large Image

We've said it before, now hear it from someone else.

WallStNation dives into Ford (F) -- Ford Motor (F) continues to rebuild from the ashes of 2008 as the only American automaker to not take a bailout. 

Ford (F) shares have backed down from its $13 share price seen in the beginning of the year.  Since February Ford shares have fallen 28% and Friday finished at $9.34.  That puts its annual dividend yield at 2% and its price-to-earnings ratio at an incredibly cheap value of 2.  However there's a reason Ford shares are in the $9 range. 

In July the company revealed its full-year loss in Europe to exceed $1 billion.  Ford is hurting in Europe and with a Q2 pretax loss of $404 million but there could be hope on the horizon.  Continue..