Spain Crushes Stocks: Forgetaboutit

Forgetaboutit - Sopranos

This week the market has been plauged by EU economic worries.  Seriously, Forgetaboutit.

Another down day for stocks to help finish out the week on a wicked decline.  Spailout is the talk of the week and its telling us to stick to our guns and not listen to the internets noise.  However if Spain does get downgraded by Moody's -- forgetaboutit.

Its a flip of the coin today if Moody's is going to crush U.S. equities by lowering the boom on Spain.  We've had a terrible week and if anything its a perfect setup for a bounce on any positive economic news.  Until then, stop worrying about your holdings and ponder the meaning of 'forgetaboutit' from Donnie Brasco.