Gold and Silver are the Perfect Hedge

Goldfinger - Gold Overdose James Bond

Gold along with silver are returning as the hedge for your portfolio. 

Your weapons of choice are the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD) and the iShares Silver Trust (SLV).

Fellow Masters, we like the recent price increases in gold and silver.  We've been talking up the silver bull run now its time to go with both.

Thanks to the hype of the Powers-that-be could be flooding more stimulus on our soil and overseas, gold makes a sensible investment. 
Both gold and silver are back in style and its time to take notice before another move passes us all by.

Today gold prices rose above the $1,700 per ounce level.  That hasn't occurred since March and with subdued ISM data it could cause gold and silver prices to spike again. Silver prices haven't been this high since April, hitting $32.25 today. 

We had a huge increase in equities today and rather then depend on that trend to continue, hedge your bets with gold and silver.  Here's a look at the GLD and SLV.

GLD Charts








SLV Charts








I think you need to add a few more charts there man, lol.Seriously though, Silver and Gold is tearing it up, I thought it was going to get smashed last week during the Fed meeting as usual, but the opposite happened.SLV Futures are down a bit tonight but it's probably just going to bull flag a bit before the next leg up. Good chance to get in on the pullback. 

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