Google Search Wins but for How Long?

Google Search (Big Pic)

Forget Bing and other lame search engines, who does Google really have to fear? 

Outstanding article and research by on the number one enemy of Google (GOOG). Its not Apple (AAPL) or Microsoft's BING (MSFT).

Its (AMZN).


What Googlers worry about in private is a growing trend among consumers to skip Google altogether, and to just go ahead and search for the product they would like to buy on, or, on mobile in an Amazon app. 

There's data to prove this trend is real. According to ComScore, Amazon search queries are up 73 percent in the last year.

Totally makes sense, to read it all click here. continues to push to new highs on a weekly and closed today up 1.8% at $237.42.