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Can GrafTech International Ltd. (GTI) keep going up?
By Eric Cheshier - If I told you I know of a stock that's up 223% in the last year, and I think going to go up significantly more, you'd probably call me crazy. It's not Apple (APPL) or Baidu.com (BIDU), it's a company that has built momentum with more than winning a high-school election by popularity.

GTIThe company I'm referring to is GrafTech International Ltd. (NYSE:GTI), they manufacture a range of graphite electrodes, products essential to the production of electric arc furnace (EAF) steel, and various other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. GrafTech's history goes back to supplying arc carbons to the City of Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1900’s, to allow the city to become the first in the world with electric powered street lamps. They are a world leader in graphite material science with more than 120 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry. GrafTech's products are manufactured on four continents and sold in more than 80 countries around the world.
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Get your drink on - Miller and Coors are combining forces
Frank the Tank couldn't be more happy - MolsonCoors, Miller parent to join forces. The nation's second- and third-largest brewers announced plans Tuesday to team in the United States, taking on Anheuser-Busch and intensifying their efforts to win back American consumers.

frank the tankA proposed deal between the parent company of Miller Brewing Co, and Molson Coors Brewing Co. of Denver would create a U.S. joint venture with about 30 percent of the U.S. beer market. Molson Coors Brewing Company (Public, NYSE:TAP) shares are drunk on the news, up 11% in the last five days. Fellow Masters, once these companies combine forces, we'll have a great stock to invest in. Read more about the Merger - Out of the Gate: Molson Coors Brewing Up
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