Mastery Rewind: Cyprus and AMZN

Workaholics - 1

The drama in Cyprus makes for a beer on the roof. 

This week was a big whatever but as usual Mastery fouund a few stocks worth considering and a reason to mention best comedy TV series in 2013, Workaholics. 

The drama in Cyprus is keeping stocks at bay and that won't end until at least next Tuesday.  Until that time keep a large cash position and check out these Pulitzer quality articles.



Russia to Cyprus: I Must Break You

Simply put, Russia is pissed.

Rocky IV - Russia Juiced Up


Putin is about to put a hit on Cyprus

More on the Russia-Cyprus conflict and why Mother Russia's Vladimir Putin is a stone-cold Badass.



Buy on the Pullback:

I'm sure this Juggernaut of online retail will never recover.  If you think that, you're just as cool as the Mittster.

Mit Romney and Terminators