Mastery Rewind: Apple Overdose, LinkedIN

Walter Yelling - Big Lebowski

What a fun week of losing money.  Let's rewind the week and scream.

Apple Inc (AAPL) ruled the headlines this week and took a ton of stocks down with it.  Pain could also could be waiting for LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) shareholders.  This coming week Mastery will focus on stocks that can survive the headwinds of volatility and look for new opportunities.  We aren't all negative Nancy, recall 4 Stocks for Open Water Trading to get you thinking. 

Prepare for a weekend of articles debating the value of Apple Inc. (AAPL).  Turns out just put one out titled Apple Getting Very Oversold (AAPL).

Happy safe trading and enjoy the weekend:


Apple Loses $22B: What Could that Buy?

What can $22B buy?  All kinds of cool shit.

Apple Inc MONEY


LinkedIn Shareholders: Look out Below

Check out this blatant head & shoulders top.

Head and Shoulders


Stocks Suck even Apple

Scream if you own stocks. Cry if you own Apple.

300 Movie - Sparta Dude