Mastery Rewind: Silver Miners, Facebook, T-Mobile

Silver - Large Pic w Bars

Mastery reviews the stocks that did work this week.

For a second week in a row the major indexes closed in negative territory.  However Mastery did nail the bottom in the silver miners including Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSRI) and Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW).  We also caught Facebook (FB) at its low and found a reason to hold onto T-Mobile (TMUS).

We now enter into June and it's time to look at some new stocks.  Hopefully a few of these mentioned below get you thinking about what to do with your portfolio.

Facebook Shares: Unlike

Every stock is up but Facebook, what gives?

Facebook - UNLIKE

Silver Miners Comeback (SSRI, SLV, SLW, SIL)

Just when you thought it was dead, Mastery nailed the bottom.

Silver Surfer


T-Mobile Acquisition Chances Increase (TMUS)

As the Softbank acquisition of Sprint (S) begins to look more likely, T-Mobile USA could be next in line.