Mastery Rewind: Apple, Romney Rally, Stocks under $10, Bank Buys

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Mastery had some outstanding content this week packed with stock picks ripe for the picking.

During the week we went looking for stocks under 10 bucks and came up with three for our readers.  Many stocks were down at their lowest levels this year and we were all over them.  Including some of the most powerful financial institutions in the world like Goldman Sachs (GS) and JP Morgan (JPM).  Let's review the week and identify the articles and stocks worth considering.


Stocks Under $10 (ZNGA, TQNT, LPL)

That market rally faded today - but we think these 3 stocks under $10 could have some mojo in the near future.

Brick Tamlund_Anchor Man


4 Bottom Fishing Stocks

Mastery has Gone Fishin'. Here is what we've found:

Gone Fishin Hottie Perfect


The Conservative View on Apple

Not a day goes by that Apple Inc. doesn't make the internets headlines.  Time to buy?


Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples


The Romney Rally that Could Be

A Republican back in the Oval Office could help stocks rally like they did when Reagan took office in the 80's.

Mit Romney and Ronald Reagan


Invest like a Hedge Fund with a New ETF

The every day guy can finally invest like Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox.

Gordon Gekko and Bud


3 Bank Stocks to Buy for Summer 2012

Despite the looming feeling of 2008, we are hopeful we have learned from our mistakes.  Cue the big bank stocks.

Goldman Sachs Skeletor Style