Mastery Rewind: Defensive and Silver Stock Plays to Boot

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June is over. Let's rewind and focus on the stocks that will keep running higher.

Fellow Masters we ended the final trading day of June in a solid bull run.  Finally a decent day for our 401(k)'s and long positions.  Mastery found some defensive, silver, and video game stocks that deserve your attention.


Let's get into it, the articles to review are the following:

5 Defensive Stocks to Play for 2012
Trading this summer could become an epic battle between the bulls and bears.  Mastery goes with 5 picks that will survive the fight.

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Tough Day for Love Fist and Friends
Some of the best Game stocks are near or at 12 month lows. 

GTA Vice City - Love Fist


Silver stocks nearing support (AG, EXK, MVG, SLV)
Silver has been dropping faster than John Travolta's pants at the local massage parlor. Here are 3 silver mining stocks that are nearing support.