Mastery Rewind: Short Squeezes, VXX, RIM, Heat Wave Stocks

Banksy - I want Change

Enjoy the 4th of July Holiday and since the market is closed we review the week.

July 4th 2012 is here and volatility while it stays (hopefully at record lows).  None the less its time to review some of the best stock picks of the week including some defensive plays, short squeezes, and anything but RIM.

RIMM Drops it Big Time (Coke Spill Style)

Research in Motion takes a page from Charlie day and drops a fortune on the ground.

Horrible Bosses - Coke Spill Cocaine

Once again cue the VXX

Fellow Masters we've been through this before, volatility is a new low once again.  Lather, Rinse, then repeat.

Psycho - Shower Scene


5 Heat Wave Stocks for Summer 2012

Fight the heat wave, make money, and see Arnold as the worst Mr. Freeze ever -- perfection.

Mr. Freeze Arnold

Short Squeeze Stocks (LULU, EXPE, EGO)

Independence day is almost upon us, so light up a cigar and get to work punishing the shorts.

independence day


5 Defensive Stocks to Play for 2012

Trading this summer could become an epic battle between the bulls and bears.  Mastery goes with 5 picks that will survive the fight.

Braveheart - Battle Scene